Saturday, 7 May 2011

30 Days to 30: Day 7

Dress (vintage from a street vendor in London), belt (thrifted, Berlin), strappy sandals (Mango)

Pictures from an evening at the Brooklyn museum with the girls and Mitchell followed by a stop at our local watering hole, Washington Commons. Yes we were there the night before too. 

Mood: Confident but a bit bored. 

Progress: Woke up early and went on a 3 mile run around Prospect Park with Rachael — even with a hangover from last night's debauchery

Mentally: Feeling good after the run and excited about wearing this dress out for the first time, but still feeling a bit like something is missing. 

Physically: There were a few points in the run when I felt like I wanted to die (especially when Rachael made me do the stairs) but after I felt healthy, and incredibly hungry. Still no sugar!

Emotionally: Felt energized and happy, but the neediness from last night spilled over. I have been out so much with the girls since I got back and it has been great, but I think we are all starting to be in need of some male attention. 

Thoughts About Turning 30: A friend who I haven't seen since I got back from Berlin, who also happens to be a lot younger than me, met up with us last night. I invited him to my birthday dinner and of course he asked how old I was turning and when that 30 came out of my mouth, I all of a sudden felt old. His reaction was to say that I don't look it, which made me feel even older. What does 30 look like anyway?


Autumn said...

I love what Gloria Steinem says when someone tells her she doesn't look her age: "This is what [60, 70, 75] looks like." I think that when someone expresses surprise about someone's age it really is more about the speaker's attitude toward age, or another quality that the "old" person has. With few exceptions, most of us look our age, you know? We just have lost sight of what "30" looks like because we attach other meanings to it.

Jenny said...

ooh, cute dress! :) Sounds like a fun evening.

Anonymous said...

30 looks freakin' awesome.

Bad Joan said...

Very cute dress! Great look.