Wednesday, 4 May 2011

30 Days to 30: Day 3 and 4

Back to the NYC grind, the days all blend into one, or at least the last two did. This happened a little earlier than I anticipated and may change the way these 30 days end up. Only time will tell..

Mood: mildly grumpy, slightly frustrated, very sleepy 
Progress: Made it to mid-week of first full-time office job in almost two years. Applied for another job. 

Mentally: Exhausted. My brain hurts.

Physically: Exhausted. I know I did this whole 8, 9, 10 hour work day for a long time, but I am having a hard time re-adjusting. I will probably get into the groove right as this gig and my 20s are ending in a month from now.

Emotionally: Exhausted. Feeling proud that I exceeded my goal of getting said job before the big 3-0, way before in fact, but now feeling a little dazed. Makes me wonder what I really want to do? Also feeling the stress of moving into a new place. There are still boxes everywhere, but I am too tired to deal with them. I want to feel settled soon. 

Thoughts About Turning 30: Hasn't crossed my mind.

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Anonymous said...

I feel ya, and I don't think I've ever truly gotten used to my 9-5 full time job. Even though its for a cool company and it was a job I had "asked" for it still feels wierd. So glad you're back in the states. I will be on the east coast in June.