Wednesday, 25 May 2011

30 Days to 30: Day 25

Mood: peaceful

Progress: Worked from home, then met up with Julia for a little more work at the cafe and a trip to Brooklyn Heights to again look for a dresser. Still no luck, but I did luck out with a nice dinner outside and a beautiful evening walk. 

Mentally: Took a much needed work from home day and boy did it do the trick. I have been on the go so much lately, that even though I still worked, being able to do it in my kitchen in my pajamas with the Brooklyn sun streaming down, put me in an ideal mental state.  

Physically: Made myself sick eating way too many cherries. Not eating processed sugar does in no way mean you should be allowed to gorge yourself on natural sugars. Ooops.
Emotionally: Just content. I love those days when you don't leave Brooklyn and everything seems okay. 

Thoughts About Turning 30: None.

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