Saturday, 28 May 2011

30 Days to 30: Day 28

Mood: excited, happy, free

Progress: Spent the first half of the day writing up my Donna Karan story, not the ideal way to spend a Saturday, but she was worth it and I definitely made up for it later.  

Mentally: After three weekends of having to work, once I finished the DK story, I really felt free. It was a holiday weekend (Memorial Day and of course my birthday)and the weather was perfect, a friend was in town and we had so many places to go. 

Physically: Feeling great, wearing one of my favorite dresses, and still going strong on day 28 of no sugar. That is not to say that I didn't (over) indulge today. We started the afternoon off watching the Champions League finals in Williamsburg at Walter over oysters and Bloody Marys (above), then headed across the street to an outside table at Clem's, then to a backyard BBQ, then to the back of Harefield Road and finally ended the long day into night on the dance floor at Legion

Emotionally: There was a moment during this eventful day when I wished I had a partner to experience it with me, but just a moment. And I made up for that later too.

Thoughts About Turning 30: Is it just me, or do you always go big the night before the night that is supposed to be big? I mean, my bday party is tomorrow, what was I thinking? It was pretty worth it though.

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