Sunday, 28 February 2010

Random Sunday

NEW YORK CITY—James Dean attending a dance class taught by Katherine Dunham, 1955.
NEW YORK CITY—James Dean loved to play the bongo drums and jam with friends, 1955.
UNITED STATES—James Dean posing amusingly in a casket in a funeral parlour, seven months before he died, 1955.
NEW YORK CITY—James Dean, 1955.
UNITED STATES—James Dean, 1955.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Beach House, The Roter Salon 02/25

@@@ out of @@@@

I saw Beach House — whose last two albums have been making their rotation through my speakers probably more than any other band as of late — at the Roter Salon in Berlin last night and they definitely lived up to their number one spot on my playlist. And the "Red Salon" does its own part and lived up to its name, from the obviousness shown in the photos above to its history as an old East German Socialist theater. Despite my hatred for red attire, luckily I am not at all against red walls and red lighting. And it was one of those perfectly sized venues - just small enough to feel an intimacy with the performers and large enough to not feel completely overheated and packed in.

Due to an extreme and unusual punctuality we found ourselves in the front row for a majority of the show. It's certainly been a long time since I've been that close to the music and it was nice to have a complete view of the duo. Despite their atmospheric almost melancholy music, they both are quite entertaining and the boredom that sometimes occurs at a mellow concert never crept in. He in an approachably cute way, playing his guitar in just socks, making subtle yet sweet jabs at his first Berlin audience and adding a gentle harmony to her throaty vocals. She head-banging her shaggy hair intensely trying to fight off any "dreamy" label the group may have gotten in the past, snapping her golden ringed fingers with a shimmy stomp to her feet.

This reference may be way too off base for some but I used to seriously be into musicals as a kid, and Victoria is such a hipster version of Broadway actress Bernadette Peters — raspy and brash yet completely sexual and alluring. And speaking of sexy, let's get to their music. I read in an interview they wanted "Teen Dream" to be the kind of album you can fuck (excuse me, make love to) and from her longing moans to the up-tempo down-tempo melodies just fast and slow enough to hit the right spot, I think they may have gotten their wish. Finally, they sound just as good if not better live than on the album, and for a girl who has been obsessively listening that is really all I could've asked for.

Low Lit

I've always wanted a room with a bunch of vintage lamps hanging from the ceiling and an antique Persian rug as well actually. During my last days in NYC I went to a party in a warehouse space by the Williamsburg Bridge where I snapped this photo of a similar idea done with opposite execution. Their design may be a little easier to set up, but certainly a bit harder to maneuver around. Thank God for massively hip and huge lofts. I think it looks cool and definitely sets the mood but I still prefer the hanging idea. What do you think of this look?

Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Sunny Day in Berlin

After all my feeling sorry for myself about the European gray weather, I woke up this morning to actual blue skies and sun (see the view from my new balcony!). Pretty unheard of here in February, so much so that when I got off the plane a few days ago I heard someone say "this is pretty sunny for Berlin" only to look up to completely overcast skies. But today is 9 C which is pretty much 50 degrees for us Americans. I am going to celebrate by dancing around to A Sunny Day in Glasgow. I finally understand how they feel. You should try it too.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Who Would Have Thought...

...after packing up all my stuff and moving an ocean away, I am here once again at my computer late at night sifting through the same old things.

Thanks for the pic Ffffound.

The Last Days

My first days in Berlin have been filled with lots of sleeping, time with my amazing boyfriend and drinking wine. Three of my favorite things for sure, but to be honest I still can't help but long for New York. Breaking up is hard to do and as I have said to a few friends and family members lately, just because you miss something doesn't mean saying goodbye to it/him/her was the wrong decision. I am happy to be here and I know that once I really get out into the city and over this jet lag (does it get worse when you get older?) my longing for the past will dissipate. And my breakup is a little different than most — although I am parting ways with that moody city for many of the right reasons but still love it so much, it's not like I have to completely block it out of my life in order to move on. My people, who truly made New York New York, will always be a part of my world and my heart...

And here are some pics of the last days (for now) with those New Yorkers I love...

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Not So Random Sunday (Moving Day)

WEST BERLIN—Luna Park, 1959.

See you there.....

Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Last Supper

Julia cooked a delicious salmon bearnais with asparagus and mashed potatoes for Megan, Mary, Sunny, Rachael and I last night and everything about the evening was just perfect from the food to the company. I love my girls more than any of the little things here in New York, and will miss them each deeply. But after a day of parking tickets, bathroom scrubbing, sweeping and saying the hardest goodbye to my nieces, brother and sister-in-law, I just don't have the words or energy left to tell you more. I will post other pics from the last days soon, but now I am off to spend a few more moments with Mare, Julia and Rach before tomorrow's big move.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Oh Fashion....

I just wrote a blog entry about the insane amount of money certain celebs are paid to show their faces at fashion shows. As ridiculous as that is, this may in fact be even more so. This alligator skin Balmain jacket (and usually I have nothing but respect for Balmain as well as alligators) costs $74,000! Yes, you read that correctly, $74,000! I mean I love clothes and all, but this leaves me speechless. Now we just need MK to wear it while sitting in the front row of a show smoking $100 bill cigarettes and sipping on coffee made of liquid gold.

I guess there is always time to vent about fashion.

No Time To...

...appreciate the little things like this lovely flower or blog. My days are filled with packing and stressing and my nights are filled with boozing and reminiscing. No rest for me. And let me tell you that moving ain't easy, especially when you are always hungover. But I got to squeeze every bit of fun with my NYC buddies while I still can, and you know if there isn't alcohol flowing it really isn't New York. Maybe I'll jump on the wagon for a bit when I get to Berlin to balance myself out a bit. So anyway, with two days left in this city I am feeling apprehensive, sad, scared, stressed, busy, nostalgic, nervous and tired — but despite all that, the excitement is beginning to sprout. So now back to trying to somehow fit all my stuff in two suitcases.  Seeya.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

A Star-Studded Affair

Looks like Proenza Schouler have become the fashion It boys who attract the fashionable It girls to their front row. And the line seems to stand up to the seated star power — I am into the toggle coats, cropped tuxedo jackets, print mini dresses, and the awesome sky high shoes. Though I will say the models look liked trannies. 

Two other things: I don't know why this surprised me but I just found out that celebs get paid a shit load of money (I heard MK gets $100,000) to just attend a fashion show. You know they are like eight minutes long right? I guess I am naive but I thought they just went because they could and/or wanted a first look at their favorite designers' new line. Kinda disappoints me. Another thing that disappoints me is in the last almost five years that I have lived in NYC I never experienced an Olsen sighting. Even when I was at fashion week, that little Mary-Kate was no where to be seen. Boo hoo. 

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Little Things I Love About New York...

People watching on Bedford Ave. during those hot summer months, ideally with a Tasty Delight in hand. What I wouldn't give to be doing that right now. I don't know if there is a better place in the world to laugh at and be jealous of some serious hipster fashion. Williamsburg you will be missed.

Photo by Mr. Newton.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Swirling outside my window like feathers softly making there way to the ground — putting me in a trance as this song fills my ears...
Too bad I have so much to do today that requires clear streets and skies. As the move to Berlin gets closer and closer, the knot in my back is getting tighter and tighter. There is just so much more stuff to be done as well as people to see, and this snow is not helping. How could something that looks so lovely feel so stressful?

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Not So Random Sunday (Valentine's Day)

NEW YORK CITY—Brooklyn Gang, 1959.

BERLIN—The Love Parade, July 1997.

LONDON—Hyde Park, 1974.

Friday, 12 February 2010

I Still Care For This Song...

...deeply. In the spirit of the season...

Stylish Serial Killer?

This guy is so intense it is kind of freaking me out and getting me excited at the same time.

Thanks Sartorialist.

I'm Melting...

Snow snow go away. I am over you as much as I am over NYC. But why in God's name am I moving somewhere that's actually colder? Good question. Will someone please take me on a tropical vacation?

For those of you who are not over the snow or at least looking at it, my friend Daniel took some very cool storm photos, during and after, including the one above which is actually me.  

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Fashion Week Free

After a major storm that must have kept planes filled with models, designers, even clothing lines out of the city and the death of an incredible member of the fashion world, the Fall 2010 collections began showing in NYC today and this year is the first in a few that I will not be attending. I didn't expect to care considering it is one of the most hectic and tiring experiences I have ever been through (see last year's here ), but it was so exciting just the same. I might actually miss scouring my closet for at least seven appropriately fashionable and not blatantly thrift store outfits (pretty challenging actually) and waiting in line in heels forever to get into the tents, to again wait forever for the barely ten minute show to start, only being entertained by the flashing lights buzzing around the front row celebrities. Yeah, I am actually a little sad. 

Pobably because I am leaving for Berlin in l0 days and am a little sad about everything, but definitely because it is the last Fashion Week to be held at the iconic tents in Bryant Park. I prefer the end of the era events to include me, so I can leave saying that NYC is just not the same anymore anyway. Well I am lucky to have been a part of that world for at least a bit — I got to see so many amazing pieces of clothing from Bill Blass's fabulous gowns to Max Azria's gothic dresses to Miss Sixty's mini leather biker shorts. I got to see Betsey Johnson cartwheel down the runway, I got to witness Christian Siriano's first show, I got to almost run over Anna Wintour in a crowd. It was all pretty fab, but now I am off to maybe not bigger but certainly better things. Have fun for me all of you little fashionistas. 
I love these backstage pics from a recent Christian Dior show — a cell phone is certainly the hottest accessory. 

Photos from Jak & Jill

RIP Alexander McQueen

Hailed as one of the most creative designers of his generation, style icon Alexander McQueen was notorious for his theatrical runway shows that elevated fashion to the level of art. Indeed, his reputation was partly built on his unwillingness to conform to the norm. Apart from his rebellious spirit, what also garnered the bad-boy of British fashion a loyal following was his ability to cut clothing like no other. Before graduating with a master’s from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, Alexander McQueen cut his teeth at Savile Row tailors Anderson & Sheppard, where it was rumored that he routinely graffitied profanities into linings intended for Prince Charles’ suits. A brief stint at costumier Angels and Berman further instilled the importance of attention to detail in Alexander McQueen. While his clothes are technically exquisite, what really solidifies McQueen’s style icon status is that his collections, always an appealingly eclectic and cutting-edge mix of tradition and punk, inspired both individuals and the fashion world at large to push the boundaries of style. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A Single Man

I saw a few second clip of this movie while watching the Golden Globes — without knowing what it was I said, "that looks like a beautiful film." When I was told that it was Tom Ford's directorial debut that I had been curious about already, it made perfect sense. A man who designed some of the world's most beautiful clothes, would at the very least make a beautifully shot movie. I can't wait to watch it and see if the plot and the script hold up to the cinematography and of course the costumes.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Guess Who?

What I usually find most attractive about Anne Hathaway is her clothes. For me, she falls into that Julia Roberts over-sized mouth category of actresses that are definitely beautiful but something with their faces is just a little bit off — most likely that said over-sized mouth. I also appreciate her acting (loved Rachel Getting Married) and how she embraces her incredibly pale skin (like mine), but her looks and that gaggling laugh-at-yourself, trying-to-be -witty personality (also very Julia Roberts) just put me off. But in the new issue of British GQ Anne looks particularly out of character and particularly good. She oozes sexiness and that 1960s rock n' roll girlfriend quality of Jane Birkin or one of those other Euro chicks everyone is obsessed with blogging about these days. Naturally I am into it, but maybe in the end it's just because I can't really see her face.

Skype Shots

Long distance relationships are hard, but thank God for Skype and a bottle of wine. I feel like I have given a whole new meaning to "online dating" with the magic of that web cam. But let me tell you as enthusiastic as I was when I discovered the beauty of video chat and as excited as I once was to just see his face, I am a thousand times more excited to never do it again. I am over it and counting down the days (12!) for my romantic life to begin in 3D once again. The Skype magic is gone, the novelty has worn off, whatever you want to say — I did just take some cool mid-chat photos though. Who would've thought this new technology could also transport us back in time and produce some shots that may have as well been taking in 1979. I do love an old (looking) photo, and even better if its of him.

Little Things I Love About New York...

He's so fab I can barely keep my eyes open.