Sunday, 15 May 2011

30 Days to 30: Day 15

Mood: focused, relieved, nervous, excited, relaxed  

Progress: Finished all my freelance work by 3:30, then got that mani/pedi I have been trying to squeeze in since I moved back from Berlin, and did some serious interview preparation.  

Mentally: Finally got a chance (albeit just for a few hours) to relax, and did it in proper form with my feet in a jacuzzi, my legs being rubbed and my nails being painted. God it felt good. Doesn't having nail polish on just boost your confidence levels? It certainly works for me, especially since I found the perfect orange/red color that actually matches my interview shoes.  

Physically: Ate an onion ring and a half today when I met my friend's for a quick salad (how many salads can one girl eat?) before interview prep. I know I am not supposed to be eating carbs after three, but it was probably the best onion ring I have ever tasted, and certainly the best thing I have had in my mouth in the last 15 days.

Emotionally: Happy to see my friends after not leaving the house since Friday. 

Thoughts About Turning 30: Not much, too many other things on my mind. 

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