Thursday, 12 May 2011

30 Days to 30: Day 12

What a difference a day makes! Even with the aftermath (slowness) of yesterday's emotional wine drinking mayhem, today was a good, maybe even great, day. And the night was better: beers outside at DBA, dinner at Lil' Frankie's, followed by karaoke at Sing Sing! The photo above was not tonight, but it is of two of the same people I was with, at the same place a few weeks ago. This karaoke thing is getting to be a little bit of a regular for us it seems. Too bad I have such a terrible voice. 

Mood: out of it, excited, proud, happy 

Progress: This afternoon I got called for an interview for a job I really want! I am not going to go into details, but I will say that just getting the interview made me feel pretty good. 

Mentally: Feeling better after finally getting it all out last night (sometimes mental breakdowns are okay) and confident that I will find a job I love, maybe (hopefully) this one, maybe another. 

Physically: Definitely craving sugar, but have not succumbed. Trying to get working out in my schedule, but it seems being social is coming first. Is singing a workout?

Emotionally: Happy to be surrounded by my friends. 

Thoughts About Turning 30: If I got this job it would be above par to where I wanted to be at 30. This thought definitely crossed my mind, but no more talking about it.

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Autumn said...

Fingers crossed for the job! FYI I included this project in my roundup: