Sunday, 27 November 2011

Random Sunday

PARIS—The Golden Age Club in the 15th arrondissement, 1980.

Friday, 25 November 2011

The Denim Tee

Denim has invaded all of our closets and gone way beyond just jeans with dresses, jackets, skirts and jumpers getting all up in the mix. But if you thought denim had done it all, think again, there's more. I've been noticing a little trend a brewing: the denim shirt. And I am not talking about the button-up that we have all been wearing for a few seasons now, but an actual denim t-shirt. I first saw Joanna Hillman wearing one (hers is Stella McCartney and I am thinking the others are as well) at this show during New York Fashion Week and have noticed them popping up on the street style blogs since. 

Part of me loves it and part of me thinks it looks like something an early 90s housewife would wear paired with khakis to pick up the kids from school in her minivan. Hmmm, maybe I am into that look. I personally like the way Joanna wore it the best, even though it was styled with denim pants (or are those shorts?) at the actual Stella show. I like the contrast of the feminine cream pleated skirt against the more masculine almost square top. I think the girl with the camera is adorable too, but I am not sure if I could pull that off quite so easily. So, what do you think of the denim tee?
via Bazaar
At Stella McCartney via Bazaar

Pie Update

So all that worrying was for nothing (me? never.) The dough defrosted and the pie was in and out of the oven before dinner with time to spare. The ironic part? We never even ate the pie! It is sitting untouched, just as in that photo, in the fridge. Our dinner (which I wore one of my new shirts too) here was lovely and turned into drinks and a night that ended in ways that did not involve whipping up fresh cream and eating a slice of pie. So silly after all that fuss about tasting pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, I know. But in the end I did have a very special evening that made me feel quite thankful for what/who I have in my life. And tonight we will eat that pie, if I can restrain myself from eating it for lunch. 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

My Shopping Addiction May Have Ruined Thanksgiving….

Well that could be a bit of an exaggeration, as sadly I am not even in the States (and I might love Thanksgiving even more than I love Halloween. Boo.), so there is not much to ruin. But still I had a little something special planned here in Manchester: I was going to make a pumpkin pie for the first time and the boy was going to taste a pumpkin pie for the first time. And knowing that I'm sad to be missing Thanksgiving and that a lone pie doesn't necessarily cut it, he made a reservation at a special restaurant for tonight at eight.

But back to the pie. Since I just got back from my second trip to Glasgow (still no baby!) last night, there was no time to grocery shop until today. My only possession was the hardest to obtain ingredient, a can of Libby's pumpkin, which I found at a little Mexican/American specialty shop in Glasgow. An amazing find, as pumpkin pie is solely an American dessert, but little did I know it would be the easiest.

So today, which was actually quite beautiful, I headed out to get the rest of what I needed. Maybe it was the blue skies that were distracting me, but more likely it was all the little shops in Manchester's Northern Quarter. There are so many cute little places around here, and I feel like every time I leave the house I notice a new one. So I wandered in and out of some and spent too much time at a certain terrible/wonderful place where I was really just looking for a pie dish, I swear. And before I new it, it was well into the afternoon. This is why stores should be closed on Thanksgiving even outside the US, right? 

But I still thought I was fine, if I was home by 3 that would give me more than enough time to bake a pie before our dinner reservation. But then I picked up the pastry dough and to my great horror it was frozen! In no way did I factor defrosting time into the equation (maybe that is what I get for not making the dough from scratch or knowing absolutely nothing about pie making?). Shit. 

So I hurried home and now as I write, I am waiting and staring at this piece of dough on the counter hoping all that ice will melt away before it is too late. But you know, at least I am the proud owner of a hot little leather (maybe fake [probably fake {definitely fake}]) dress, a beaded top and a little polka dot Alexa Chung-esque number that will never make me as happy as the taste of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. Waah.

Well I have certainly learned my lesson and hopefully it will all work out in the end. Melt little guy melt! But either way, I want to wish you all a very very Happy Thanksgiving from abroad. Hopefully you are surrounded by plenty of loved ones, plenty of food and wine, and plenty of comfy couches. Oh triptafen.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Song on Repeat: "You Know What I Mean"

Sometimes you can find home sickness remedies in the strangest of places. Mine came on Saturday in the form of putting on my new lipstick and listening to this song over and over again as I tried on clothes for the evening out. Superficial I know, but a simple solution. It's something I do at home, a little routine (not always with this song of course) that I haven't really done since I have been in England. Not that we haven't been going out (there has been far too much of that maybe), but it's just not the same getting ready process with a boy around. But Saturday it was just me and I was able to try on a bunch of outfits and blast this girly song over and over again as I danced around. It's also nice to rediscover a band.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Random Sunday

PARIS—Boulevard Diderot, 1969.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

New York, New York

I have been feeling a bit homesick for NYC the last couple days. Not that I am not having a great time in the UK, but I do miss my little big apple, my friends and yes, my clothes. Silly I know, especially because it's a guarantee I will be so sad to leave in just over a week, but a dinner out with the girls in an outfit not packed in that suitcase would be so fun right about now. Or what about a night out at one of Manhattan's most beautiful places, the New York Public Library for its Fall Benefit Gala? Not that my friends and I would ever be invited to such an event, but doesn't the party held earlier this month look amazing? I just love that building. To be in it, surrounded by books, food and fabulously dressed New Yorkers, maybe one day...

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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Random Sunday

NEW YORK CITY—Felix, Gladys, and Rover, 1974.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Sister Act

I don't have a sister, but I like the idea of them, I especially like the idea of a whole magazine of them, especially one with my faves Mary-Kate and Ashley on the cover. I mean who else would it be for Vogue's Best Dressed Sister Edition? Such a good idea, right? I mean sisters are so hot right now! They've also got the Knowles sisters (cool), the Clarins sisters (creepy), the Middleton sisters (boring) and the Fanning sisters (adorable) up in the mix, as well as some models, Frenchies and other rightfully fashionable siblings. I got to get my hands on a copy.

Sometimes I do wish I knew what it was like to have a sister, that unbreakable bond, that other closet to raid, boyfriends to steal (JK). But in the last years, I actually have gotten a little taste of sisterdom — I have become really close with my two sister-in-laws and my oldest brother has two little girls who I get to watch grow up as sisters just two years apart. And I'm not done yet: in just a few hours I am driving up to Glasgow to see my other brother, my other niece and the earlier said sister-in-law who in fact is pretty much nine months pregnant (she is due next Thursday) with another girl! Sisters all around! So exciting. 

Here's some of my sister photos for you, can't wait for the new one to be added to the bunch. I'll keep you posted from Scotland...
My nieces Maisie and India and sister-in-law Deanna in NYC by Daniel.
Sisters in Stripes: My sister-in-law Catherine, Deanna, my bro's GF Nicole, me and my mom at Stinson Beach.
Cath and soon-to-be-big-sister Sadie in Scotland.
Sisters India and Maisie in California.
Me and Deanna in NYC.
Cath and Deanna in Italy.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Barcelona Weekend Roundup

Last weekend I went to Spain for the first time in about eight years and it felt just as amazing as it always did. I was born there and studied abroad there as well, so the country has always held a place in my heart and it made it even more special to be there with someone who does also.
We managed to pack a lot into our three days in the city and even though it rained a bit, it was still so much warmer than back in England or NYC. One day I got to wear a skirt without tights and always just my light military jacket. Amazing. So anyway, my dear friend Rachael used to lived in Barcelona and sent us off with a detailed email of where we should go according to her life there. So we followed her lead from Gaudí's Park Güell to an authentic Catalan restaurant on a tiny street to the "cafe" she used to work at. So nice to see the city from a local point of view, I only wished she was the one serving us our late night cervezas.

We also managed to discover some places on our own and with the help of the Internet of course (well I pretty much just followed along as he researched and lead the way) including an amazing tapas restaurant where we ended up eating two nights in a row because it was so delish (I've never done that before), a bar called Wow!, a pool table where you paid for a half an hour and played for how ever long (love Spanish rules) and an American-esque brunch spot (sometimes you just need a break from jamon y queso, no?). And of course we walked on tiny cobble stone streets, ducked into churches, drank cafe con leche at outside tables, strolled along the deserted beach and drank massive amounts of vino. What else do you do in Spain? 

Here are some pics. I know disclaimers are annoying, but I wish they were better. Granted it rained a lot (hence the weird frizzy hair) and I just wasn't in my normal excessive photo taking vacation mode, maybe I was simply too distracted with all the things above: 

Outfit: Skirt (Primark), cropped black tee (H&M), military jacket (Gap), booties (ASOS) and vintage bag (Beacon's Closet) 
Outfit: Shirt (Primark), vintage Levi shorts (thrift Berlin), military jacket (Gap), booties (ASOS) and vintage bag (Beacon's Closet) 

Monday, 7 November 2011

Quiet (and Funny) Ryan

Quiet Ryan - watch more funny videos      

He's so nice to look at, he doesn't have to say a thing. 

via That Kind of Woman

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I'm off to Spain, my favorite country and the place I was born, in a few minutes and I am so excited. I'll have a night in Valencia and the next few days in Barcelona. I can't wait to eat tapas, drink vino tinto and feel like I am home. Maybe I won't even have to wear a jacket, I'm certainly leaving my coat in the UK. Yay! Okay then, see you when I get back!

Photo via Flickr.