Monday, 23 July 2012

Spidey Style!

Ever since I saw The Social Network, Andrew Garfield has been my dream man, an integral member of my hot tub. So of course I would prefer it to be me on his perfectly red suited arm, but since I was not up for the role, Emma Stone will do. I like her. She's got good taste. And yes, they look good together. They might even be giving Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson a run for their money in the most stylish couple race. What do you think?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Where Have You Been?

Hello Friends, it has been awhile, awhile, awhile since I blogged and honestly there has not been much more than a day that has gone by in which I didn't think about and miss my old hobby. Yes, I have intermittently posted a few things about dresses I like or good old Mary-Kate Olsen, but this little place used to be where I documented what was actually going on in my life. The truth is I was uninspired and sad for a few months and didn't have the desire to share much of it or even the fun and distracting things I still managed to do. Then that lifted (it's amazing how that happens!), then I got a new job and my melancholia was replaced with excitement, happiness and a whole lot of work. But now that I am starting to wrap my head around a full-time schedule after almost three years of freelancing, traveling and blogging, I am trying to get back here. Hello. So what exactly did I do these last couple months worthy of sharing...well I:

Biked to Brighton Beach and Drank Beer

Crashed a Law School Prom Dressed as Brenda Walsh 

Bussed it to Boston for a Weekend at a Real House

To be continued...