Friday, 29 July 2011

My Answer to Miu Miu

So yeah, I am obsessed with Miu Miu shoes. I don't know how many times I have blogged about these bad boys that a certain editor at a certain magazine that I start freelancing at on Tuesday (OMG I am so excited!) wears so well. Maybe she'll let me borrow them? But in the meantime I bought these babies for $15 at a thrift store. To me they are the cheap love child of my dream blue pair and the latest Miu Miu gold creations.

I am excited about my little purchase but wonder when I will actually get to wear them? I also wonder when am I going to be able to buy the real deal instead of the scuffed up thrift store version? Have you ever bought a pair of designer shoes? My biggest shoe splurge was on these beauts. Maybe one day I'll get my Miu Mius, but for now these little gold ones will do. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Versailles Envy

I certainly have nothing to complain about, I will be the first to admit that with all the traveling I have done in the past couple years, I have lived a bit of a charmed life. But not as charmed as these girls! I mean, I haven't got to do any time traveling or anything. When I saw the pics of those French fashion bloggers (Louise, Alix and crew) at a party in Versailles all dressed to the nines in Marie Antoinette garb, I almost lost it. I want to do that! 

Le Carnaval de Versailles took place in all its extravagant decadence earlier this July and those lucky enough to attend the strictly enforced masked ball got dance into the wee hours of the night, drink champagne and nibble on the most delectable treats I am sure, well if their corsets allowed. I am so jeally! How amazing to party in XVIIIth century Versailles for a night? The sky-high hair! The dresses! Oh my! I love the Cherry Blossom Girl's pics below, especially the ones that have the juxtaposition of modern day devices against the Baroque backdrop. Would you want to go this party? Um, I would.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Perfection in Berlin

Sometimes an over-dramatisized vintage look (I would actually venture a guess that nothing she is wearing is actually vintage, but that is not the point) doesn't work and sometimes it does — case in point. I mean, it is amazing, even the Vespa goes. Isn't she lovely? And hey, the photo is of a fraulein in Berlin. Have to admit I am missing that place a bit these days. What do you think of this Berlin beauty? Are you keen as I am?

Photo via GlamCanyon.

Monday, 25 July 2011

The Summer Dress

After the hottest weekend I have ever felt (I am pretty positive I got heat stroke on Sat night), it has cooled down to a frosty 80 degrees. I know for the average person 80 is hot, but for us New Yorkers, it is refreshing and lovely and so relieving. We can still wear summer dresses, shorts and no jackets, but we don't have to be worried about feeling and looking like we just stepped out of a sauna at all times.

And speaking of summer dresses, in the last week or so I have seen at least four or five ladies sporting this little number. Like the girl above each of them wore some sort of novelty bra — either in lace or a bright color — to show in the back and the sides. A couple of the girls wore it in a larger size so it had more of a baggy look to it — or maybe it's a different cut — either way, I liked that. So after seeing it so many times I started to wonder, is this the dress of the summer? I mean I get it, it's cute and open, perfect for those earlier said intense heat days. I like that too.

With its simple design and cotton fabric I assumed it was from American Apparel, and I assumed right. Looks like AA is all about the scoop back these days, they have one in pretty much every fabric and pattern. Kinda want to get it, but kinda don't because so many people are wearing it right now. What do you think of this summer dress? Would you buy something so popular?

Photo by Mr. Newton.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Random Sunday

FRENCH RIVIERA—La Garoupe beach, 1969.

Friday, 22 July 2011

ICElandic Dreaming

Last night I dreamed up a little Icelandic vacation for myself in my head. Maybe because the country has the word "ice" in its name and I am in the midst of an NYC heatwave to beat all NYC heatwaves, with a weather report that reads 100 degrees with a feels like 110 underneath. Without an AC I might add, yes I am dying. 

Anyway, at the moment it is a purely fictional thought, but a little Reykjavík rendezvous is not completely improbable. We do have a friend who works for a certain famous singer that lives there part-time and all the subways are plastered with adds for cheap flights on IcelandAir. So maybe a quick stopover on my way to the UK next time? I'm dying to go in one of those geothermal spas, you know?

So if I make it there, these Icelandic beauties shot by Facehunter, might just be my fashion competition. What do you think of the style in Reykjavík?

Monday, 18 July 2011

Song on Repeat: "Video Games"

Does this girl really look like that? Sing like that? Write songs like that? Dress like that? Make videos like this? Wow, I am jealous or just excited to discover Lana del Rey and to play this song over and over again.


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Random Sunday

UNITED STATES — Albert Einstein’s 70th birthday party, 1949.

Friday, 15 July 2011

American Psycho Ladies

I was at my local bar having a glass of wine with the other Megan last night and per usual they were playing a cult classic film on silent with subtitles behind the bar — this time it was American Psycho.  I haven't seen it in quite some time (although Patrick Bateman has come up when referring to people in a few conversations recently) so when I looked up from our conversation and noticed Reese Witherspoon on the screen I was a bit surprised. I totally forgot that she was in the movie, but I definitely remembered Chloe Sevigny was in it, even if she had the smaller part. I mean we all know I am a Chloe girl, and certainly not a Reese girl.

They seem like such polar-opposite celebrities to me. Even though Reese started out doing a lot of indie films (Freeway is my all-time fave), it is hard to even imagine them being in a movie together because they are so different. Tall Megan even ventured a guess that they never even talked to each other during filming. What do you think? Could they be friends? Are you a Chloe or a Reese girl?

Photos from

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Golden Birds

Although I have been a little out of the blogosphere lately and a bit behind in the web fashion world (sorry if these photos have already been everywhere) due to constant traveling (boo hoo poor me), I've had plenty of time to read fashion magazine after fashion magazine on the beach and on the plane. And one of my favorite spreads also contained one of my favorite dresses from Fall 2011 Ready to Wear. I am such a sucker for Miu Miu's whimsical patterns, and these golden birds are the epitome. Although if I wore it I think it would have to be sans fur sleeves, not that I am getting all PETA on you, I just don't think I could pull that off.

Lara Stone wore the stunning Miu Miu number while she posed all sultry-like with hottie Swedish vampire Alexander Skarsgard (oh and Frida Gustavsson) in "Spellbound" for US Vogue's July issue. Month after month I find myself drawn to the mag's iconic spreads featuring a dapper male star and model of the moment — that Grace Coddington always does such a good job of illustrating a story that exudes passion, betrayal, intrigue and all that good stuff without any actual words. Here are some of the other pics via Fashion Gone Rogue. Aren't they kind of perfect?

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Family Values

The Cahn Kids 

I have returned to boiling hot NYC after a long stay at Stinson Beach with my family, a family that continues to grow as my brothers have more kids and as their families get added up into the mix. About 20 members came in and out of that amazing waterfront beach house (with an outdoor shower and bonfire!), among childhood friends and girlfriends here and there. Growing up I never had such big family vacations and even though I had three older brothers it never really seemed like I had that big of a family. But now there are little ones, and little ones on the way, and grannies, and aunties, and extravagant beach houses — it's pretty amazing. So many people, so much food and a bit of the stuff that comes with a bunch of family members sleeping under the same roof: drama.

Even before all this exponential growth, my family was an intense one. My bros are all competitive, intelligent and unique and when we all get together there is no shortage of sibling rivalry, whether during a game of scrabble or a conversation about music. We know each other better than anyone — the perfect recipe to get under each others' skin, but more importantly to make each other laugh and feel better after it's all said and done. At the end of the day, at the end of the trip, despite little bumps here and there (that is family, right?), I look back and feel so lucky to have the luxury of spending time with these peeps and can't wait to add my own family additions to the ever-growing bunch. 

How would you feel about spending 10 days in a house with your whole fam? What about with the families below?
The Baldwin Brothers
Tent-dwelling hippie Family of the Mystic Arts commune
The Carter Family 
The Jolie-Pitt Family 
Samoan family bathing in a natural pool on Western Samoa
The Zoe Fam
The Obama Family 
Photos from LIFE archive and EOnline.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Oh Hello Again and the Definition of Dapper

Hi, since turning 30 I have taken an extended holiday in the UK and the beaches of California, I am not quite back in NYC yet and not quite back to my daily blogging, but it is nearly time to get on it once again. Although it has been nice to be completely free of all responsibilities, I have missed the little world of Another Zoe Day and am excited to get back into the blogosphere and see what everyone has been doing and again share some of my musings with you. 

First off, this photo of Marc Jacobs taken by Terry Richardson at Kate Moss's wedding (what I wouldn't have given to be a fly on that wall or just a guest). I mean, I know where Marc Jacob stands when it comes to the ladies, but that does not stop me from drooling over his dapper dreaminess. That face, that beard, that three-piece suit, it is kind of perfection. No?

Photo via Stylite