Monday, 23 May 2011

30 Days to 30: Day 23

Mood: Somewhat relieved. Nervous. Surprised to be a little lonely.

Progress: Finished all the work I needed to do over the weekend and just had a proper day at work with no other responsibilities. 

Mentally: Thought I would feel a little more relieved, but it is actually pretty scary when something you work so hard on, that may in fact decide your future, is finally out of your hands. 

Physically: So tired, but not tired enough to stay home. 

Emotionally: So yes, after finally getting my stuff done all I wanted to do was have a celebratory glass of wine with a friend, but everyone was hanging out with boyfriends, going out on first dates, or having dinner at other friends houses. Definitely made me a little sad after getting the 3rd or 4th "I have plans tonight" text message. I mean, I am finally free, why is everyone else so busy? Thankfully at the last moment Julia decided to meet me for a pre-date glass of wine, then her date was postponed an hour, so we had two. Granted I was sent home alone and a little tipsy as she went to her house to get dolled up, but at least I got to hang out for a bit. 

Thoughts About Turning 30: Lots, planned out the menu and the final guest list with Jules. I can't wait. 

Photo from ThisIsntHappiness

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