Thursday, 5 May 2011

30 Days to 30: Day 5

Mood: content, mellow, happy, still tired but excited to sleep in my newly improved bed.
Progress: Went to Target after my jobby job (so domestic) and bought white sheets, pillows, towels and all those necessaries for my new room, which is so so so slowly coming together.  

Mentally: Feeling fine, feeling good, feeling happy for it to be Friday tomorrow. 

Physically: Walking past TCBY and Mrs. Fields Cookies in the Atlantic Mall was kind of painful, but still going strong on day 5 of no sugar. Oh and I bought some running shoes in regards to the getting in shape plan. 

Emotionally: Chatting with my friend online today, talking about way too serious topics for work hours, I came to a nice little realization of just how happy I feel. Despite all this moving and working stress, it does really feel good to be back in NYC. 

Thoughts About Turning 30: Thought about what I was going to wear to my party a few times. 

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