Friday, 6 May 2011

30 Days to 30: Day 6

Mood: Stressed with work, happy it's Friday

Progress: Completed my first week of work and a week of no drinking. Celebrated with a drink!

Mentally: Absent, I felt pretty out of it after having so much stuff to do at work that I had to stay alone in the office until 8. How did I go from my life of leisure to overtime on a Friday night?

Physically: Ate a macrobiotic salad for lunch, really wished it was a chocolate brownie. How am I going to deal with a certain monthly thing that is coming up without chocolate!?! I was supposed to go to a class and break in my new gym shoes, but had to work late. Managed to stick with my diet even when we ate dinner after having a couple drinks — nothing like ordering your second salad of the day when everyone else around you is eating proper bar food. 

Emotionally: Not much on an emotional level, too busy being busy and drunk. Did get a little lonely and in need of attention at the end of the night though. Oh the single life, thank god I have my girls.  

Thoughts About Turning 30: The party planning has begun and the guest list has been agreed upon, I am actually getting excited. 

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