Thursday, 31 March 2011

Miu Miu Inspiration

When I saw this Miu Miu leather jacket on the runway, I was drawn to it, but I wondered who could pull off something so dramatic, so rock n' roll. Certainly not I. So when I came across this photo over on Garance Dore (the first time I spotted the jacket out in the wild) I was pleasantly surprised by its owner. I am a strong believer in the grandma chic, whether that means me wearing what your grandma would wear or those elegantly clad older ladies. And Constanza Pascolato, of Brazilian Vogue, is rocking it to the nines. Now that is some inspiration. Love it.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Warning: Uninspired Blogger Rant

Clothes are definitely not on my mind these days. Although I will have to say I put together some cute outfits in the last week and I found a damn cute dress yesterday. But no, if anything, it's getting rid of clothes that is taking up my head space. And as this blog is not just about fashion, my thoughts have not only been about purging my closet, or all the terribly annoying bureaucratic BS it takes to move across the world, or the repercussions of making such a decision, or finding a job, or finding an apartment or saying goodbye. It is not just these things that I am thinking about, in fact, I almost feel like I am thinking about them all but really about absolutely nothing.

I am doing all these things at once, yet somehow my mind is blank. Usually I have so many things to write about here on the blog and ideas always going through my head, but for some reason I feel very uninspired. I am having trouble actually sitting down and reading a book or writing a blog, or writing at all. I thought when I came back from the UK, a month left in Berlin would feel like a long time. I thought I would truly have time for myself and the energy and motivation to put my German experience in words in a short story or even just a bit here on the blog. Unfortunately I feel stressed, dull and like time is slipping through my hands — that is not to say that I am slacking in the getting stuff done department, I am just doing nothing creative. So i guess this is just a long-winded excuse for the lack of good blogging now and to come. It scares me though, because when I get to NYC is when I actually have to get things going (and get a real job). When will I ever have time to write and read again?

Okay, thanks for listening to my rant. It actually wasn't too hard getting those words out. Ha! Maybe I can find some inspiration outside, these beautiful sunny Berlin days seem to just keep happening, now that I am leaving of course. What do you do when you feel uninspired?

Photo from This Isn't Happiness.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Berlin Weekend Roundup: Two to Go!

art by Richard Lockett
I had a really nice weekend — kind of the opposite of last weekend as the nights certainly out-shined the days. I did get a little emotional on Saturday night though, as it was a friend's birthday that pretty much my whole Berlin crew was at, and it just made me sad to be together for one of the last times. As I have said before, it is a bittersweet end to an amazing year of my life that I could have continued, but instead chose to move on. But that is life, right? So many decisions. And one of my new ones as I welcome in this chapter, has been to start wearing my hair in pigtails (see!), maybe it is me rebelling against turning 30 in a few months. Sorry, I had to take the seriousness level down a notch there. Anyway, I am glad that these last weekends have been so special, even if it is a little overwhelming. 

It all went something like this: my friend Richard's amazing art opening, carb overload dinner with Erin, home early but in bed late, new found obsession with show Parenthood, house cleaning, packing, solo dance party, sushi, wine at Luzia on Oranienstrasse, trek to Wedding, Franziska's bday at Analog Bar, emotional talks, dance party of the day #2, late night ubahn ride photo fun, lazy Sunday, pizza, more Parenthood, overdue Skype session with Sarah.  

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Random Sunday

TEMPE, Ariz.—Children’s doll-wash day, 1992.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Little Things I Love About Berlin...

...Frischer Minztee. As the countdown to my European departure gets closer and closer I think it is time once again to start celebrating the Little Things I Love about Berlin. It wasn't until I came to Germany that I saw and tasted one of these yummy concoctions. Fresh mint, hot water and honey makes the most simple, delicious and refreshing tea I have ever had — and they serve it everywhere.

One of my favorite places to enjoy the steaming goodness is sitting on the dock at Badeschiff looking out at the water after an evening dip. Oh I am getting sad just writing this, well at least fresh mint tea is certainly something that is not too hard to recreate stateside, minus that pool in the river that is. 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor, 1932 - 2011

My friend Autumn wrote a beautiful piece about this more than beautiful woman...

Photo via Lola.

My Blue and Gold Sunshine Day

Yesterday was a perfect day and my brother's last in Berlin. Although I was sad walking home after saying goodbye this morning, I am happy that we ended on such a high note — we road bikes, ate delicious food, listened to live music, played more cards, laughed and soaked in the sunniest day this city has seen in quite some time. 

I tried my hand at the blue and gold trend with a vintage polka-dot cropped blazer paired with my new silk Topshop top and the necklace I bought at the Mauerpark Flea last weekend. Certainly a more subdued version then some of the ladies I blogged about, but without their inspiration I might just have just thrown on a white tee underneath. Boring.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Hello Spring, Hello Sandals

This is certainly not the time for me to be shoe shopping, quite the opposite in fact, as I am trying to somehow get as much of my shoe collection across the Atlantic Ocean in a matter of weeks. But now that spring has finally sprung and bare leg weather is almost in reach, I just can't help but dream of a pair of colorful chunky heeled sandals to run (or maybe hobble) around on in the sunshine. What shoes do you want for spring? 

Monday, 21 March 2011

Song on Repeat: "Someone Like You"

Alright, I have to stop listening to this song over and over again. I mean it is beautiful and all but this is getting seriously depressing...

Berlin Weekend Roundup: Ping Pong, Cards and Karaoke

This was the first proper weekend I have had in Berlin in quite some time, and the first my brother has had since two summers ago, and it was a proper Berlin weekend indeed. The sun was shining (I have gone back to wearing cut-off jean shorts pretty much every day, with tights yes, but still, shorts), the skies were so blue (see!), everyone was out and despite the still chilly crispness in the air, we did all those outdoor things (biking and ping pong!) that make me love this city. Sadly, I also had the realization that I better get out of here quick before it actually heats up (and I can take off the tights) and the warm weather Berlin attitude kicks in and I start regretting my decision to leave — I really do love this city in the summer...almost as much as I love New York.   

The photos above were taken yesterday at and on the bike ride to the Mauerpark flea market — where it seems everyone else in the city went as well — to peruse the goods and take in some serious outdoor karaoke. Do you see how many people are sitting and watching in that pic up there? Yeah that is for karaoke, pretty insane. So all in all a fun weekend with my bro, but one that had a bittersweet undertone as the number of weekends left in this city widdles down to just a few. 

It all went something like this: greek chicken for three, juice for one, wine for one, dinner party for four, weird, Joaquin Pheonix documentary (warning: do not watch this!), doubles ping pong at Görlitzer Park, yummy street food, German card game and hot chocolate then dinner at Edleweiss, Hearts at a bar across the way, late night ride home, sleeping in again, long ride to Prenzlauer Berg, coffee and ice cream, flea market, ring, necklace and tote bag purchase, karaoke amphitheater, short story tears, Vietnamese food, Portlandia.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Random Sunday

NEW YORK CITY—A Picasso retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, 1957.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Song on Repeat: "Young Blood"

One of my fondest memories ever (seen here and here) was driving over the Golden Gate bridge toward Marin County on an achingly beautiful late spring day with my brother Michael (who arrives in Berlin in an hour and a half. Yay!) and my friends Sunny and Zack in a mini-cooper convertible with the top down blasting MGMT "Kids."

This song by the New Zealand band The Naked and the Famous is that type of summer-anthem-create-some-memories-drive-with-the-top-down-jump-in-the-pool kind of tune and I have been playing it all day dancing around my house and hoping it will make the sun come out for my bro.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Spiderman Polaroid

I am back in Berlin after another stint (albeit an unusually extended one) in the UK. Maybe it is my recent travels and my newly acquired taste for baths and tea that are drawing me to the British in particular. Or maybe, my love for him blossomed prior to all these travels, and it's just because of the fact that Andrew Garfield is so dreamy.

I have mentioned that I have a bit of a crush on him before, but as I was reacquainting myself with the blogoshere this afternoon, I discovered via Foxtail and Fern, that like my girl Kirsten Dunst, Mr. Garfield has also done an awesome polaroid shoot for Band of Outsiders. I knew a boy who wore saddle oxfords and fingerless gloves once, but Spidey here just does it so much better...

I know these are not new, but they are to me, and maybe to you. What do you think of my man?

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Random Sunday

LIVERPOOL, England—At the Blue Angel Beat club, 1964.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Blue and the Gold

My swim team colors growing up were blue and gold (see there I am in my speedo) and aren't they the California colors as well? Why yes they are. Pairing the two bold primary colors has always seemed appropriate when it came to flags and athletic teams, but not much else. Right?

Until now that is — this season I have been seeing the traditionally sporty and patriotic pair popping up all over the streets and the runways. Despite my initial ingrained hesitation, I am actually pretty into it. And if the color block combo is too bold for some, the mustard yellows and cobalt blues on their own are doing it for me as well. How do you feel about the blue and the gold? 
Sonia Rykiel and Chloe via WWD
My dream shoes at Dries Van Noten 
above and below by The Sartorialist

Monday, 7 March 2011

Tea/Bath Time

So far in 2011 I have spent a lot of time of time in the UK, whether London, Leeds, Glasgow or this past weekend in Edinburgh (such a beautiful city, I will have a roundup at some point, but I forgot my usb in Berlin). And although I am sure I will always remain a cup of coffee and a shower to wake me up American girl, I have definitely been getting into the British way of life and enjoying a nice hot bath and tea time. 

I mean, back in the States I would occasionally indulge in a bath if I was living in a house with a clean enough tub and drink tea when I was sick or feeling very mellow. But since I have been here it has been an everyday occurrence, and I feel oh so much more refined for it, although maybe just a little bit dirtier. 

I am sipping on my afternoon cup as I write this now and have even been occasionally forgoing my morning coffee for some Earl Grey. What am I becoming? My brother has been living in the UK for over 10 years now and I love how he describes the different stages of his relationship with tea from newbie novice to full-blown addict. Certainly not such a bad vice. Are you a tea or coffee person? Baths or showers?

George Harrison photo via Slate and sorry I have used the Kate Moss photo before but it is so good I couldn't help myself.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Friday, 4 March 2011

What I Should Be Wearing...

As I am still holed up in Scotland hiding away from reality, the days have all sort of melded together in a haze of delicious home-cooked food à la my brother, excursions with nanny and niece, bits of writing and work, wine, comfy beds, long night sleeps, baths, tea and everlasting conversations. And if I could wear one outfit every one of these casual days (and maybe forever?), it would be exactly what Ms. Bosworth has on right there. How can anything look so effortlessly cool and perfect for not really doing anything?

Photo via Just Jared

Thursday, 3 March 2011

In the Nude

One of my favorite lines so far this season, Rodarte, was all about the nude color scheme. My favorite fashionable editor, Joanna Hillman, wore this maxi at NYFW. Then with all those nude gowns on the red carpet this award season and my lack of finding this number at Topshop when I was in London, my desire to own one has just skyrocketed. I am liking the peter pan collars and the pleats, but that low-cut Opening Ceremony one is pretty amazing too, right? What about you, have you gotten into the nude?
Rodarte via RagPony
Opening Ceremony via Need Supply

Alexa Chung in TBA

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

If I Went to the Oscars...

...and had a body like hers, I might have worn this Bottega Veneta Fall 2011 dress that just marched down the runway in Milan.
By the Sartorialist