Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Viking Biking and a Little Thing I Love About Paris

One of the things I love more than anything is riding my bike, and up until recently I have been doing just that to get to and from work every day. It is a bit of a ride, but it wakes me up in the morning, keeps me active and in shape, and makes me feel good about myself. But lately since the temps have dropped so low, I have lost a bit of my motivation. And with that has come guilt (especially with all the holiday eating), because there are certainly a lot of bikes still on the road, and in some of the coldest European countries people ride all year round. Do you see these pics from Copenhagen Cycle Chic? Viking biking is what they call it. Pretty amazing huh? Has definitely given me some motivation to ride to work tomorrow with the between -3°C and    -11°C weather. Eeek.

I know, I know, I should stop writing about exercising in winter. So how about this: speaking of biking, one of the little things I loved about Paris was seeing all the bicycles around, and I am not talking about those silver rent-a-bikes. Similar to the way Parisians dress (awwe-mazing), there seemed to be a bike chicness protocol that everyone adhered to. All the bikes I saw were vintage or vintage-inspired and black, no joke, never anything else. I loved seeing them all parked next to each other at the racks, waiting for their well-dressed owners to unlock them and ride off with a baguette in the basket... Here are a couple examples via the Sartorialist and Yanidel's Street Photography in Paris blog. Cute, right?


Monday, 29 November 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup: Tschüss Lucy

Silk shirt and elephant necklace (thrifted in USA), orange lipstick (MAC Lady Danger)
Yup it was freezing this weekend, well below freezing that is (and still is). See that is me bundled up on my way to go swimming on Saturday. Yup, swimming — but don't worry, it was inside. Still if you are like me, you have no desire to get into a bathing suit and get all wet when the temps go subzero. But alas, I decided to join my boyfriend on his regular swim at Stadtbad Neukölln, which I have been saying I would do for the last couple months but always make some excuse at the last minute like, hey it is freezing out! Anyway, it was well worth it and warm and lovely once inside. I highly recommend a dip if you are in Berlin, not only is swimming a great workout, the actual pool is quite beautiful surrounded by old columns, fountains and such (although I am currently thinking up excuses not to have to go tonight, eeeek, did I mention it was freezing?).  

The pics above were taken via iPhone (sorry) while getting ready to go out after my frosty trip home. Due to swimming hair (my hair looks terrible right after a wash), I decided to do a little updo. I was quite proud that I was able to get the braid to go all the way around my head. A special hairdo for a special night. Where was I going you ask? Well that is the sad part of the weekend: I was going to a gathering where I would say goodbye to my friend Lucy who has now left Berlin for London. She is definitely one of the most fun girls I know and certainly one of my favorite people in Berlin. I am so sad that we only had a couple months to get to know each other, but happy to have had at least that. And it is okay, I know our paths will cross again whether in London, New York, back in Berlin or somewhere completely new. So all in all, a lovely weekend with a bittersweet and very cold air. 

It all went something like this: Friday evening at home with pizza, sleeping in, cleaning up, yummy lunch with Lucy, talk of Thailand, freezing bike home, turkey scouting, swimming, dog watching, pasta, garlic bread and delish red wine, party at Stereo 33, goodbye Lucy, late night, lazy day, sewing, The Rachel Zoe Project and Boardwalk Empire, Vietnamese foodsleep.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Random Sunday

ENGLAND—The Isle of Wight Festival, 1969.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Hello Kitty

I don't know if you remember awhile ago when I was full of regret for not purchasing this cat tapestry bag on my trip to Prague — well I do. I was bummed, but it was when I hadn't yet adjusted to the high thrift/vintage (even though this bag isn't) prices of Berlin (even though everything else is cheaper here), and wasn't willing to spend 20 euros on anything so silly....yet amazing. I know that sounds weird, but I am a bargain thrift hunter. I regretted being such a cheapskate, especially when I found it on ebay after for twice the price. I did however find a tote in Berlin in the same print, but the straps were really short, so after awhile I decided to turn it into a pillow — which you can see in the background there on my messy couch next to my big cat poster thing. What is wrong with me? Maybe it is because my boyfriend is allergic to cats so I am making up for not being able to get a real one or maybe it's just an everlasting obsession with that Miu Miu line.

Anyway, the other day I was riding my bike in a Berlin neighborhood I had never been to and there was my cat bag in the window of a little Asian market purring at me. But being the idiot I am, I still didn't buy it, and regretted it once again. Doh. Finally, I decided to buy myself a little Thanksgiving away from home present and get the damn bag already. Now I just have to see if I can actually pull it off outside of my living room.

Friday, 26 November 2010

The New Bohemians

Shot in Paris by thestreetfashion5xpro

Erin Templeton via Clever Nettle
Shot in Berlin by Glamcanyon

There alway seems to be a "New Bohemian" thing going on. I am really enjoying the latest version with all the layers of chunky knits, winter florals, round glasses and faux fur. It adds a little feel of nature to the the blackness of MK and Ashley's mid aught rendition and a little rock and roll to the boho chic coined by Nicole Richie and the Los Angeles crew. I am feeling it.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Expat Thanksgiving

It is my first Thanksgiving away from the States and here I am at my computer eating a bowl of Special K. Wait, I think writing that actually made me a little depressed. I have been fine all day, just working and doing the usual and feeling okay knowing that I will be home in California for Christmas. But the truth is, I would give anything to be there now. My brother Aaron just moved home from NYC with his wife Deanna and my two little nieces — so them, my dad and stepmom, my brother Michael, as well as my mom, will all be together this year. That certainly has never happened.

I used to spend Thanksgivings with A and D in New York where they always invited a bunch of randoms who didn't get to go home, to their amazing loft in Williamsburg for a feast made from gourmet recipes, ever-lasting wine and some actual interesting conversation. Because of certain sad events, this time of year has been hard for me in the past, but being at their home always seemed to make things feel right at that moment.

Last year they moved into a smaller place that couldn't quite fit such a motley crew, so I went to my friend Sunny and Scott's for
my first Thanksgiving with just friends. It was a night I will always remember: my boyfriend was in New York and had met all my friends for the first time, Sunny cooked up a storm and I felt completely surrounded by people who have made my life what it is. The ones who know me best and who I have so much fun with. I love my friends. I love my family. I am thankful that such love seeps across oceans, through telephone lines and the Internet, and no matter how far away I am, I feel each of them around me on this special day.

Grandma Chic?

This week seems to be Street Style week here on Another Zoe Day—I can't help it, real people are just so well-dressed. And these lovely ladies are no exception. It seems to be a normal notion that once you get to a certain age, there are certain things you can no longer wear. I love how they are all dispelling that thought in one fell swoop, a splash of color and a flip of a feather boa—frankly I don't think these looks would work if they were any younger, right? They are turning grandma chic into grandma freak and I love it.

Photo from Advanced Style.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Stopped by H&M to peek at the Lanvin collection yesterday and shared some thoughts over at Bang Bang Berlin. Photo from Jak and Jil.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Man Cape

Hmmm, interesting, very interesting. What do you think?

Photo from Stylesightings.

The San Francisco Style

SF is a stylish city, I mean come on, it is where all my fashion roots were formed and where I look forward to shopping more than anywhere else (uhhh the thrift stores are amazing). But sometimes I don't think it gets enough credit. It may not be a fashion metropolis that breeds designers like Paris or New York, but SF has it's own original style and gets by on an indie groove, a vintage vibe and a casual cool (yeah, uh huh) that I love so. Naturally, I was excited to stumble upon The SF Style, a blog that features the glorious fashionistas of the city by the Bay, Man Morsel Mondays and some amazing shoe shots. Here are some of my favorites:

Monday, 22 November 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup: So Many Bars


All second-hand and thrift except American Apparel thigh-highs
All second-hand and thrift except H&M tights

Remember a bit ago when I said I didn't go out to the bars that much anymore, well I might just have made up for that in the past few days. My weekend started out in the dumps, well more like I started my weekend out in the dumps. Friday afternoon it was already dark and I was lonely, homesick and feeling sorry for myself. But after a few phone calls with loved ones back in the States and one phone call from my boyfriend in which he said get up, get dressed in something nice like you would if you were going out in NYC and come meet me, everything did a 180. I put on a little velvet dress I had yet to wear (I will have to give you a proper photo as it is pretty awesome up close), tall ankle boots (despite the cobblestones), my new leather jacket and some red lipstick and headed out the door. And the weekend actually turned out to be quite lovely indeed — full of Berlin bars and cafes, fun, food and friends. Just the way it should be.

It all went something like this: dressing up, salad and pasta at Zur Rose Café, Jay spinning at new bar Graues Kloster, apfelschorle, salad lunch on Bergmannstrasse, twin book purchase at used English bookstore Another Country, reading coffee and cake, Lucy meetup on Oranienstrasse, beers at Luzia, tacos at Santa Maria, mojito at Hannibal, back in Neukölln, birthday party at Ä Bar, late night downstairs Valentin Stüberl stop by, sleeping in, first snow, sushi lunch, Roald Dahl's Witches, Bored to Death.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Random Sunday

PARIS—1974. Restaurant La Bière, 1974.
SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN, Germany—The Island of Sylt, 1968.

Friday, 19 November 2010


Look who I just found over on Facehunter: my friend Mitchell, who also happens to be one of the little things I love about New York. Hmmm, maybe this is a sign that it is time to move back.... 

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Be My Blue Valentine

I never thought a movie trailer could break my heart a little. But I certainly thought wrong, and of course it was Ryan Gosling to prove it.

Sheer Genius?

Celebrities seem to be taking the see-though trend up a notch. Do you love it or think it's too much?
Leighton Meester via The Cut.
Charlotte Kemp Muhl via Mister Mort,

If I Was a Celebrity...

.....I would dress like a star.
This is from last January but I was reminded of it from Vogue's 10 Best Dressed
These shoes were designed by blogger Miss Annie

I Want But I Can't Have

Two things on my permanent wish list are a toggle coat and a navajo print coat. And hello! Here they both are, in one. I almost died when I saw it on Etsy but unfortunately $117 is wee bit out of my price range. So maybe you should buy it and send it to me, or fine, just keep it for yourself and send me a photo of you in it. What do you say?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Psychatric Answering Machine

Today I felt like I might be in need of some psychiatric help — nah not that bad — just in need of a good laugh. And it came in the form of this...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Double Watches?

Now that I have one watch, do you think I should find another to go along with it? I mean, Princess Di doubled up.
P.S. That ring she is wearing is the one Prince William just proposed to Kate Middleton with. Sweet.

Paris Purchases

I bought three things in Paris: two steals and one splurge. And here they are: please forgive the quality of the photographs and the lack of me in them — since it has been getting dark at about 4 here in Brrrlin it is no longer conducive to photography, let alone outfit shots. But I will get some sooner or later, the cape on the table just does not do it justice. 
I have been looking for a big man watch like my dad wears for some time now, but I didn't want to spend the fortune that "real" big man watches tend to cost, and all the ones I have seen at flea markets in Berlin, well, don't tell time. I will admit that I want a watch because I think they look cool, but the time is nice too. Anyway, I found this bad boy in a French metro station for ten euros, and even though it was so cheap, the guy selling it to me still took the time to shorten it from big man wrist size to little woman wrist size just for me. And guess what? It is still working, 11 days and counting....
Hello steal number two. I tried on a pair very similar to these suede (maybe) puppies on my first day in Paris, but decided not to splurge just yet. Luckily, because I found these for literally one fifth the price at a flea market the next day. This place was nothing like the fleas in Berlin, but mainly filled with knockoffs. But hey, I like them, especially the olive color and the fact that they are super comfy. I am still hoping to get a similar pair with a wedge one day too, maybe in maroon?
And here we have my splurge: I definitely spent a little more on this than I normally would, but hey, I was in Paris. Plus, I have wanted a black cape for some time now and this one is just perfect (as I said these pics do not do it justice).  It is so soft, just the right length and has a perfect little collar. It is a simple classic that I know I will be able to wear for many seasons to come. Spoken like a true French shopper, no? It doesn't hurt that it will always remind me of Paris either.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Lovelies in Chanel

Four of the most fashionable women out there (where is Alexa Chung?) all in Chanel, all at the the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles's annual gala. Thanks to Stylelite for these photos with all the amazing details of each outfit. Who's do you like the best? I can't decide but I am thinking Chloë and Kirsten.