Saturday, 14 May 2011

30 Days to 30: Day 14

Mood: focused, a little annoyed  

Progress: Worked for my copywriting job all day and into the night.

Mentally: Working toward a deadline, in the zone.

Physically: Was supposed to go running again this morning but had to bail to get this work done. 

Emotionally: A little frustrated with myself for procrastinating, but I was working my other job. At least it is miserable out, so I don't feel so bad spending the whole weekend at the computer.

Thoughts About Turning 30: The only entertaining thing I did today was a little gchatting with one of my friends who, somewhat reluctantly, just signed up for the dating website OKcupid. She showed me the profile of one of the dudes she had been chatting with and he seemed like a catch — witty, funny without trying too hard, pretty cute. But then I looked at his age, 38, and then I looked at the ages of girls he was looking to date, 23 to 29. So this guy won't date someone his own age, in fact will only date girls 9 to 15 years younger, and will not date someone in her 30s. Good thing I am not the one chatting with him. Obviously I am hyper-sensitive to this issue at the moment, but it really bothered me. Do you think this is kosher or am I over-reacting?

P.S. I love/loved (are they still together?) Jeff Goldblum (58) dating heiress model Lydia Hearst (26). Look at those cheeky smiles. I mean I would date him for sure, but I am almost 30. 

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Autumn said...

You are absolutely not overreacting. When I was 23 or so I went out with a guy who was 38 and was all "what's the problem?" I didn't see that his preference for being with women over whom he would always hold some sort of social power (he usually went out with younger women) signaled that he wasn't comfortable with his own social power. In any case, if a guy goes out with a younger woman now and then, whatevs. If he ONLY goes out with younger women, I call douche.