Saturday, 21 May 2011

30 Days to 30: Day 21

Mood: Happy but not so much about how my night ended up last night.

Progress: Tried to look for a dresser, didn't find one. Tried to work on the necessary writing I need to get done this weekend, had a bit of writers block (headache) instead.

Mentally: Got up early and was mentally ready to go, but petered out by midday. So a bit frustrated. 

Physically: Oh you know, still exhausted. When will I sleep? When will I work out? The usual questions. 

Emotionally: A little drained from all the stuff that came up last night and the late night calls I made when I got home. I am turning 30, should not be doing such silly things.

Thoughts About Turning 30: Yesterday my old intern, sorry I mean Loren, was the 26-year-old I hung out with. Today, it was Mary's visiting little sister being the all grown-up-girl who used to be so young making me really feel like an almost 30 year old. 

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