Friday, 15 October 2010

Fall Wish List #3 Brown Oxfords: CHECK!

Ask and you shall receive — or scour every thrift store in Berlin over and over again until a miracle occurs. So there I was at the Humana by my house in Freidrichshain even though I had already been there once that week and there were only 20 minutes until closing time. But something was pulling me in, ahem, shopping addiction. So there I was scanning all the crappy shoes that looked exactly the same as they did two days ago and then out of nowhere like a beacon of light from heaven coming toward me was an angel/employee carrying the perfect pair of little brown man shoes and setting them right in front of me, yes, me. I held my breath as I slipped my feet into them, and wait for it, they fit! So there I was 16 euros poorer, but finally numero three on my fall wish list officially crossed off! Granted after wearing them all day at the zoo, my poor little feet were crying like babies, but it was a breaking-in ritual that a true shoe lover can endure.

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Lucy said...

Hooray! You finally got them. Look fab. x