Thursday, 7 October 2010

Poor Little Wall

This is the wall in my room adorned with a painting my grandfather did when he was just a young man, antlers from the Baltic Sea, a Bob Dylan photo and my ever growing collection of old lady flower prints and empty frames that I had to begin once again when I left New York. It's way smaller than what I used to have, but it's a start. The beginning of something that will grow and grow, or at least that is what I thought. But it turns out the antique German weather station (that is permanetly stuck on schön [lovely] weather just for freezing me) will be the last thing added here.

I was recently informed that I will have to move out of my apt. on Nov 1. What did you say? Didn't you just move in there a month ago you ask? Yes. In fact I did, but apparently my landlord doesn't seem to care and even after paying rent on time and giving all the necessary paperwork he is kicking us to the streets. It is quite a disappointment after finally feeling settled in the place, and in turn Berlin. Not to mention, having to do that whole move and now house search again is beyond frustrating. But it is what it is, and there will be other walls....hopefully bigger and cheaper ones at that.

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Nately said...

I love your "old lady" flower prints