Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Fall Wish List #4 Camel Coat: CHECK!

 Bowler hat (gift from my Mom), camel coat (Mauer Park flea market), fisherman knit turtle-neck sweater (thrifted Humana at Friedrichshain), dark skinny jeans (second hand H&M), black oxfords (Jumbo Second Hand Berlin), brown bag (thrifted Humana at Alexanderplatz)

The illustrious camel coat: I picked up this bad boy at the Mauer Park flea market (not the one pictured above) a few weeks ago for 7 euro — a cheap find compared to the usually over-priced goods. I dig it. It is a little big but all my stuff is a little big, it comes with the territory of being a thrifter.  I figure it was so cheap a few extra centimeters on the shoulders couldn't hurt, especially since the over-sized coat is a bit of a trendy thing this season. And now I won't have to spend a hundred plus on the same Zara coat/cape that everyone already bought. Plus adding a bowler hat and little man shoes to it makes me feel like Mary Stuart Masterson or Mary-Louise Parker (pre Weeds) or some other three-namer from the 80s, which has to be good, right?

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Notting Hill Girl said...

I picked up a fab vintage necklace at that market earlier this year! I love Berlin, definitely on my list of cities to visit again in 2011.