Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Fall Wish List #3 Brown Oxfords

I know I have already told you about my need for a pair of brown oxfords, but I have quite possibly scoured every thrift/vintage/second hand in Berlin and still nothing! It really looks I might have to fork out the cash to get a new pair (possibly from Zara?) because the desire to dress my feet like a little man is just not going away, and just a black pair is not cutting it. I mean, if these girls can have them, why can't I?


Jammer said...

Brown oxfords are sooo cute! Especially in those pictures. Good luck finding them! I suggest posting "Wanted" posters on telephone poles like the old days haha

Lisa Griffin said...

haha i just can't get into the oxford trend. although i do love the flimsy sparkly lace up version, good luck on the hunt!

Miranda said...

I need a pair as well.
That first photo is so eerie and cool!