Friday, 8 October 2010

Paris Fashion Week Runway Roundup

The fashion zoo of has come to a close, of course their is still Los Angeles, Athens and a few other non-fashion capitals, but once Paris is over, it feels over. I know I certainly am over all these runway shots! 

So here's what I thought and of course my top ten. I loved seeing Sarah Burton step up to the plate, and fulfill those incredible McQueen shoes so perfectly. I couldn't even imagine...Of course the only way I could ever wear any of the line is if I was some überhip celebrity attending some out of this world event — but if I was some überhip celebrity attending some out of this world event I would certainly rock a gown made of feathers or butterflies

As for what I would wear not being the latter: give me the cutouts blouses at Miu Miu, the midcalf skirts at Chanel, the satin at Rochas, Valentino's polka dots, Lanvin's long button-up dress, Celine's slacks, Sonia Rykiel's funky patterns and everything Yves Saint Laurent any fave candids to come as well.
1) Alexander McQueen 

2) Celine

3) Chanel

4) Lanvin

5) Miu Miu

6) Nina Ricci

7) Sonia Rykiel


LifestyleBohemia said...

I love the designs by Celine and by Miu Miu. Lovely summary!

Emma said...

I love celine's effortless chic, the simplicity really catches my attention.


meg said...

yes, celine is definitely a winner this year. every year...