Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I Just Have to Ask...

While surfing the Internet today for my jobby job I came across this lovely lady wearing these CRAZY shoes on Streetstyle Aesthetic and frankly, I`m at a loss for words. A mixture of the ever-popular clog, the even more "in" lace-up bootie and Alexander McQueen's unworldly armadillo shoes that made many a model, including my fave Abbey Lee, refuse to walk down the runway, these clunkers are just beyond. Quite possibly a little too so. So as I said, I just have to ask: do you love them are loath them? Because it clearly has to be one or the other with these babies.


Anonymous said...

You're so Carrie. I'm going loathe.

Anonymous said...

I feel like with these shoes, they look so good in an editorial or campaign. But in real life they just don't work :( I think they look absolutely cool! But if I saw someone wearing them walking down the street I'd think she was crazy!! Haha

I'm loving your posts!!