Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Paris, Monet and Me

Yeah his prints may be to dentist offices, what Bob Marley posters are to college dorm rooms. But he is still Monet and I bet any one of you can close your eyes and see his water lilies before picturing real ones. Randomly I was talking to my dad about the impressionist painter when he was in Berlin, and how one of the highlights of his last holiday in Paris was taking a day trip to his home in the village Giverny outside the city. 

As a traveller, a foodie, a hopeless romantic and a fashion addict, Paris (cliche like Monet) has always been a magical city that I have only dreamt of visiting. But guess what! That dream will finally come true in just under a month! I am so excited, it is somewhat unbelievable. 

I will only be there for a long weekend, so a trip to Monet's home is not in the cards, but quite possibly I will attend the Monet exhibit at the Grand Palais which the NY Times is calling "the biggest art spectacle in Europe this fall." They had a few more interesting points regarding the artist and the exhibit in the interesting article "Paris Rediscovers Monet's Magic at Grand Palias."

Proust wrote that his pictures “make us adore a field, a sky, a beach, a river as though these were shrines which we long to visit, shrines we lose faith in when we see.” Reality, with its mess and noise, fails to live up to what Monet painted.

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