Monday, 18 October 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup: Bloody Marys

Outfit: Striped poof sleeve sweatshirt (second-hand somewhere in NYC), tan maxi skirt (thrifted from Humana at Alexanderplatz), black boots (Aldo). Bloody Mary: tomato juice, tabasco, sriracha, worschestier, olive juice, lemon juice, vodka, celery)  

Usually on Mondays or Tuesdays I come here and tell you how amazing my weekend was blah, blah, blah — but the truth is this weekend was not that great. It was all my own doing, not because there were no places to go and no fun to be had, but because I have been in a bad mood and feeling rather blue lately for a few different reasons that include having to move again, the weather and a serious case of homesickness/life restlessness.

But I did have some enjoyable moments and learned a little life lesson: if you aren't getting what you want than just do it yourself. You see I went out on Friday night and just wasn't enjoying the scene one bit. I also have been going out to eat a lot lately and not enjoying my food (don't you hate that?). So on Saturday I went to a couple grocery stores to get some special ingredients and set out to make a feast and then at the last minute my boyfriend invited a friend over to join us. It was my first time cooking these dishes and I was nervous to actually make dinner for a guest, but I must admit it turned out quite well and the company wasn't too shabby either. Voilà! Good scene, good food! I am enjoying cooking these days, as well as mellow evenings away from the bar world. I really am getting old I guess. We also decided to make our own Bloody Marys that afternoon, which as you can see above was not a low point (I even did a little wink and jig). I mean, I really have nothing to complain about.

It all went something like this: dinner with roommate and Karsten, show at White Trash, early exit, new health food cafe breakfast, grocery shopping, bloody marys, cards, cooking, great dinner party chatting with Jay, caramelized chipotle chicken, butternut squash browned with butter and thyme, spinach, phone call with Sunny, phone call with Mom, hangover, McDonalds, fall walk through Hasenheid park, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Vicki Christina Barcelona, bed.


meg said...

miss you meggles. phone catch up date soon.

Lucy said...

Don't be sad or restless! Let's do something this week that doesn't involve a bar (shock horror!). x

Miss K said...

love your shirt!
now following you!

PC said...

I'm in Berlin too! Where on earth did you find butternut squash???

Megan said...

PC, I got the butternut squash at the Karstadt grocery store at Hermannplatz in Neukölln. But I am sure they would have it at any fancy grocery store, especially this time of year.