Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Front Row at Chanel

These stylish ladies popped up at Chanel yesterday dressed in the requisite tweed and stripes. Who do you will show their face at Miu Miu today? I am hoping for and Olsen.


kirstyb said...

fab pics everyone looks great x

joelle van dyne said...

i love kiera knightley's look here! and i too hope to see some olsen photos from miu miu- i always love there style.

Full Cup said...

Loving Kiera Knightley's new haircut! Its a little off the beaten path of her normal style and it actually really suites her! I'm with you, I was hoping to see a glimpse of some Olsen fashion flare as well. They are ahead of their time and age. Love the look of your blog!!

x, Molly