Monday, 25 October 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup: Flea Market Finds

The view from my old apartment on moving day, the sunniest day Berlin has seen in quite some time.

This past weekend was pretty ehhh, so no need to list out all the deets. Friday night was spent packing and Saturday was spent moving, Saturday night was spent recovering. Sunday however, was a pleasant surprise, despite the absolute scheiße weather. Why do we have to have those beautiful clear blue skies above on my moving day and the lovely combo of grayness, wind, and rain on my free day? Anyway, it didn't stop me from checking out the flea market (thank God all the stalls were covered!) that my friend Lucy told me about right by my boyfriend's/mine again house. It is a hidden little place on Werbellinstrasse in Neukölln, a flea market the way a flea market should be: cheap. None of this Mauerpark see-and be-seen pay 40 euro for a backpack B.S.

So I thought it was going to be a total bust, as I had searched through almost all the tents and had only found a big old decorative bottle I bought for the house for two euro. But then I entered the final stall and dun dun da! I have been
writing about and searching for a backpack for quite some time now. Flea markets are usually full of them but they are always those mini ones from the 1990s (I do want mine to be functional for actually holding things while I am riding my bike) or they are made of leather, actually fake leather. I wanted this Worthis one, but frankly, I am not going to spend $280 on a backpack. Then I thought about a Fjallraven one, but frankly, I am not going to spend $80 on a backpack, especially when I really wanted it to be ikat. But then after all that, there she was hanging right next to me. Made of the vintage straw I have been obsessed with all summer, and just the right ikat-esque pattern, and just the right size. Hallelujah!
Then, still in a flurry of excitement from my find I stumbled upon these velvet bad boys, yes velvet! Jealy? I love ankle boots, big tall heels and these days velvet. So the combo of all three was irresistible (and weird I know) and they were just my size. So I went to the guy to ask how much, he said eight for both, and the rest is history. Now I am really wishing I was in NYC, so I could rock these puppies on any given Tuesday. But I guess we will just have to wait until a special night for their big Berlin debut.


Lucy said...

The boots are much less weird than you described... Love them! Now let's go somewhere where you can wear them... Friday? x

Megan said...

Not weird. Just velvet, which I suppose is a little weird.

Anonymous said...

those boots are AMAZINNNGGGG! such a great find. they're classic and beautiful and go with everything.

lucky girl!

sincerely, M

sincerely, YCM