Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Fall Wish List #2 Chunky Knits: CHECK!

Okay I may have overdone it a little with this one, and am currently banned from buying any product that resembles a blanket, has a turtleneck, is a shade of cream or is really really cozy. But with a weather report that calls for the first snow on Oct 21 (that is tomorrow, can you believe it? Are you kidding me?), I think I can't go wrong with having too many chunky knits, now can I? And the half-sleeve tan and maroon and more tan, beige, camel long sweater thing might just be the favorite item of clothing I own right now. I will have to take some pictures of me actually wearing it do it proper justice. Plus they were all thrift, so it is okay to be excessive right? It is the nature of the beast. How are you doing on cozy clothes for winter/now?


meg said...

love these pics.... i want more chunky knits

Megan said...

Maybe when I move back to NYC I will let you borrow some ;) We need to talk soon!