Monday, 4 October 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup: Botanischer Garten

I had a very full weekend, one of the first in awhile where I didn't have any down time to read, relax and eat junk food and watch True Blood. Boo hoo. But no, it was certainly a good time and I did partake in a bunch of other American pleasures (I miss home!). I had some nighttime fun, as well as a long day selling clothes outside the Mauerpark flea market with my roommate (that place is such a scene! Berlin's place-to-see-and-be-seen-and-not-be-seen-buying-my-vintage-dresses. Boo hoo again!). 

But the highlight of the weekend was definitely going to the Berlin Botanischer Garten (yes, the botanical gardens) on Saturday afternoon and wandering through the green houses and outside paths, inspecting plant life, taking silly pictures and my favorite close-ups, seeing how far we could throw things and just scurrying around. Though I will say that next time I go, I will try to get my day started a little earlier so we have more than a couple hours to explore (that place is huge). But with a night like we had on Friday, what can you do?

It all went something like this: Karsten Kottbusser Tor meetup, Turkish veggie dinner, wine at Luzia on Oranienstrasse, wine at favorite little nameless Neukölln bar, Nani and friends meetup at big nameless Neukölln bar opening, photo fun, nightcap, sleeping in, american style turkey, cheddar, avo sandwiches, botanical garden adventure, milk and American chocolate chip cookies (they even say that on the package!) with roommie, American Vogue, early rise, trek to the flea market, clothes sale/people watching, tail end of Arsenal v. Chelsea, lovely dinner  at Gorki Park in Mitte, late night phone calls to, yes, America!
Jean overall dress (Atlantis Attic Vintage, NYC), gray v-neck (American Apparel), chunky knit sweater (second hand shop off of Bergmannstrasse, Berlin) brown booties (used Beacon's Closet, NYC), gray socks and tights (H&M).


meg said...

you and karsten match! glad i was in on one of those late night american phone calls. xo

Anonymous said...

Great pics :)