Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup: The Zoo!

This weekend was just lovely — a perfect mix of downtime, sleep, fun and actually doing things. This is one of the few things (other than getting a new fall wardrobe) that I like about it getting colder here in Brrrlin. When it was nice out all I ever wanted to do was go lay by the pool, but since the frigid fall has kicked in on the weekends we have actually been going out and seeing the city — last weekend it was the botanical gardens and randomly this weekend we ended up at the zoo. And what a zoo it was, probably the best I have ever been to. I ended up closer to lions and a whole lot of monkeys than I have ever been. Although zoos have such a sad aura around them, I can't help get excited like a little girl when I see all those animals. I have been crazy with wanting a pet (like a dog or a cardboard cat) lately, it is almost as if my maternal instincts have kicked in just a little short-circuited. Anyway that is a different story —  so yes, this weekend was fab, I even went to a comedy show and wore a few different outfits of course.

It all went something like this: second half of Turkey v. Germany in random empty Neukölln bar, popcorn and True Blood (I think I am over my TB phase), bed early, waking up late, brunch outside, fall walk, second hand shop, serious ping pong competition, pretty hilarious comedy (in English!) at
East Side Comedy with my new friend (yay!) Lucy, weird underground bar, late night drinks at Maria Bonita, freezing walk home, brunch buffet outside at Kültürzeit, bike ride to and through Tiergarten, apfelschorle at Tiergarten beer garden, zoo, monkeys, orangutans, gorillas, baboons, leopards, lions, penguins, otters, elephants, giraffes, zebras, thai takeout, Roald Dahl short stories read out loud.  
Blue pleated trousers (H&M), Topshop sweatershirt (thrifted from Neukölln Humana), black loafers (Jumbo Second Hand Berlin)  

I felt very normal wearing the above outfit, it's not too often I wear slacks and a fitted shirt. But my boyfriend insisted that it was not normal at all, just another weird concoction from my closet. But what does he know (in a nice way)— so I had to throw a side braid in my hair to give it some oomph. Although I will admit that I kinda liked wearing what I consider a "normal" outfit for some reason. 

Well that is until it got too cold and I had to pop into our local second-hand shop and buy the majorly weird thing I am wearing below for ten euro. It is a kind of sweater/cape/cardigan that some old crazy aunt with too many crystals in her house might wear. It has weird toggle buttons that change directions and a god awful butt pocket that I will have to take off somehow, but despite all that I think I might love it. My boyfriend said that it is favorite thing I have ever bought (which actually makes me kinda mad considering all my clothes. But again, what does he know...). But I am still wondering if I can pull it off. What do you think? Too weird? Too ugly?
Seriously? A butt pocket?
Orange blouse, Levi's cutoffs (thrifted from Neukölln Humana), brown booties (used Beacon's Closet, NYC), belt (used), red lipstick (MAC Russian Red)
What I wore out on Saturday night (seen here next to my makeshift pet, James) was definitely my favorite outfit of the weekend, until it got so cold I questioned why I wore shorts or even left the house in the first place. To go see comedy that is! And below are pics from our lovely Sunday when the only ones wearing camera worthy outfits were the animals.
Brunch at Kültürzeit
I may have started a lion riot with my completely by accident flash photography. Those guys sure can roar. Poor guy.


Kk said...

Cute pictures and giraffe

Lucy said...

Love your weird cape thing! And would you hate me if I said I actually really like the weird butt pocket?! Sounds like a fun weekend, glad I could share some of it with you love. xxx