Friday, 24 September 2010

Fall Wish List #4 Camel Coat

I know, I know, how trendy can I get? But I want one and have been searching for awhile now. Sadly I used to have one, but it was lost in the great pre-Berlin clothing purge. Even so, it wouldn´t be warm enough for the German winter on the horizon.  
I have such a hard time when it comes to coats, I have never owned the perfect one for winter. I always end up buying a bunch of cheap used ones that are not quite right and end up hating them by the time the winter is over (maybe for other reasons?). Finding the right style and the fit is harder for me then finding a pair of well-fitting jeans. So this year, I am on a mission to find the perfect coat and I am not giving in before I do. I have already turned down a few I might have bought before, because they were not absolutely perfect. I am liking this cape coat found worn by German blogger Golestanah — it is from Zara so it`s doable but it also might not be warm enough and I always prefer to buy vintage if possible. Have you found the perfect coat?

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