Monday, 15 November 2010

Bars I Like, Berlin: Valentin Stüberl

It has been quite some time since I have shared a Berlin Bar I Like with you (maybe because I don't find myself in them as often), so in lieu of a Weekend Roundup, that is just what I am going to do. It works because the highlight of my rather uneventful weekend (other than a lovely dinner party at Lucy's last night) was going to this bar, which happens to be convientely (or perhaps inconvientely) located in my building.

The proximity is not the only reason for my fondness — there is something special about this place. It's contradictory atmosphere makes for a surprisingly welcoming environment where you might find older German men playing chess, some Neukölln hipsters listening to actual good (non techno) tunes and a whole lot of regulars like me. The traditional Bavarian food and beer garden table setup is set-off by eccentric art and a rotating grocery cart chandelier. It is where I watched the World Cup, but also where I could watch a black and white art film. It has a peeling electrical tape front sign, but a fine list of wines...

But what got me to finally blog about Valentin Stüberl, was the night we had there on Friday. It all happened in the back room where I usually don't go. Oh yeah in continuing with their wave of polarity they have a back room that is nothing like the front, but filled with dark lights, couches, a DJ and sometimes a band playing. The DJ on this particular night was not only Alec Baldwin's doppelgänger, but played only soundtracks, scores and theme songs. At first we thought we were going crazy (wait! Is that not the song from Braveheart? Wait! Is he really playing the MASH theme song? Wait! Is the DJ watching a movie on his laptop?). Anyway, it made for a very fun night full of laughs and a bit of dancing that lasted way longer than I expected. But at least all I had to do was crawl up the stairs to my apartment when I finally wanted to go to bed.

Valentin Stüberl
Donaustrasse 112
12043 Berlin

Photos from the Urban Food Guy.

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Pop Champagne said...

sounds like a sweet place, I love to go there. and yeah doesn't matter how "trendy" a place is if it doesn't have the atmosphere and the vibe then no point in going! :)