Monday, 5 April 2010


Last week in Prague I almost purchased this cat tapestry bag. It was literally in every little tourist store on the main drag, you know the ones where they sell knick knacks, postcards, weird figurines and pretty much all the stuff that you might buy as a souvenir for your grandparents. I compared the prices at at least three of them but in the end decided against it, no not because of the insane kitsch factor (I love that) but because I didn't want to pay $20 for something that looked so cheaply made and that I found in one of those terrible stores. But now back in Berlin, I wish I had that little beauty with me and realize 20 bucks really isn't bad, especially since I saw it on eBay for $35 plus shipping. Oh regrets, anyone going to Prague anytime soon and want to pick one of these bad boys up for me?

And as I have been searching the web for this ridiculousness I have started to form a strong appreciation for tapestry bags and luggage in general. Not sure if I could do a whole cat set (there is such thing as too much), but maybe some proper vintage floral print luggage like Barbie's (well somewhat) for my travels?


E F S C said...

I want this bag for Katie and Portia.
Exactly. Lets go to Prauge.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know what you mean... It happened the same to me. I saw a similar tapestry bag, the one with bags, shoes and hats print and the writing "marchand de modes"... I considered it expensive but I can't stop thinking of it... On the internet it costs much more. I saw this kind of bags in Bratislava too, but they were 39 euro!!! I still want that bag but it seems impossible to get it.

Anonymous said...

so.. did you get yours?