Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My Latest Obsession: Jeggings

They may not be new to you, but they are new to me. I bought my first pair of jeggings a few weeks back and I will tell you that now they are all I want to wear. From a girl who spends a whole lot of her life in extremely tight skinny jeans, jeggings are like an answered prayer that I didn't know I was praying for. In other words, I didn't realize how uncomfortable my skintight jeans were until I slipped into these bad boys.

I guess that could also be a bit of a curse, as now I want to buy them in every wash and toss my regular jeans out the window. My black pair were only 15 euro at H&M, so why not? I mean, the comfort of leggings with the look of tight jeans, is absolute heaven. If you have not bought a pair yet, don't be turned off by the terrible name, the elastic waistband, and the preconditioned notion that you have to pair them with Uggs, and get yourself a pair. But I do recommend steering clear of any stone or acid washed ones — if you want that boldness stick with actual denim a la 1990.

So here are some jeggings demonstrated by a model, a celebrity and a regular person, oh my! I am wearing them as I write this, so maybe some personal pics will surface soon too.
I honestly don't think you have to be modelesque tall to pull these off (I'm not), but I guess it couldn't hurt. Kasia Struss photographed by Altimira.
Rachel Bilson demonstrating how nice jeggings are to wear on a plane. I wore mine on my way to and from Paris. Yes hi! I am back, my trip was everything I dreamed it could have been and more: roundup and pics to come. 
And my favorite jegging example: the lovely Annabel of Blushing Ambition casually pairing them with an envy-inducing pair of Miu Mius. I love saying casual and Miu Miu in the same sentence. 


Mary Ko. said...

Yea.. jeggings are hot!! Adore them)

Thanks deaar! I'm glad you loved it :) And glad that I nailed it as well:)

But wait! I can't see your follow !!


meg said...

totally bought mine at h&m last week and wear them practically every day.

Anonymous said...

I have the same obsession haha
I just can't get enought

Anonymous said...

That second outfit is my favourite! And jeggings are absolutely cool!


Jane said...

i love jeggings - they're always so comfy and easy to wear every day :)

irina said...

i'm so into leggings too!