Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Prague Weekend Roundup

Although a little different than planned (my brothers Aaron and Andrew were originally supposed to meet us there) our Prague trip turned out to be really nice. Getting away to a beautiful little city with the one you love is such a relaxing yet exciting experience — there is just something about being out of your normal routine and surroundings... oh and the castles, cobblestone streets, and medieval bridges too. Since it was just the two of us and since we both had already been to Prague, there was no pressure to do anything but leisurely walk around, take pictures, eat and nap when we were tired. I also have a friend living there, so we got to hang in a more "local" spot one night. Even if it is just for two days like our mini-trip, I highly recommend getting away if you are able. If you're in New York go to the Catskills; San Francisco hop on a train to Calistoga; if you're broke go camping; if you're in Berlin let's plan a trip to Paris, just go. Here was our getaway:

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