Monday, 1 November 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup: Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, well that and Thanksgiving. Makes sense considering I love to dress up and I love to eat. But the thing about those holidays is that they are American, I mean, people do a bit of Halloween here but it is nothing like the States. And I love to go all out, so I was feeling a little envious of my un-expat friends when Facebook was all a-chatter with Halloween happenings. But luckily my British friend Lucy (apparently there is a bit of Halloween in the UK too, but being scary is a requirement rather than the cleverness and irony that the Americans go for) happened to be turning 25 on Friday and threw a Halloween-themed bash at her favorite hangout Maria Pelligro.

I was planning on going as Karl Lagerfeld, but realized it might be a little too weird for the non-hardcore Halloween crowd and considering the amount of navajo print and beaded items I own and the amount of money a used child's costume Tee and headdress costs in comparison to a white wig, I opted for the more generic, more recognizable and more unpolitcally correct Indian Princess (sorry!). But it actually turned out better than I thought and I was still able to go all out. Also to my suprise everyone else seemed to too. I mean, do you see those twins dressed up as Max from Where the Wild Things Are? Amazing.

And speaking of going all out, after Lucy's party, Karsten the gondolier and I headed to Berghain (the biggest and most famous club in Berlin) to see my friend Jay's first DJ gig at the Kantene (a very big deal for him! Congrats!). I haven't had a night out like that in a long time and ended up spending all of Saturday and most of Sunday in bed recovering. Two days is ridic I know, but the latest issue of Vogue came in the mail and I started Jonothan Franzen's new novel Freedom, so I had some great reading material to keep my lazy butt company.


little homie said...

ha my fave two holidays too!

little homie said...

btw you look adorable

Sandra Leiva said...

Nice costumes!! <3

ashley said...

I would have died to see you as Karl! but you rocked the indian princess and looks like you had a great time. Next year I am definitely dressing up, like I said, it killed me to watch all my stateside friends celebrate.
and ps... i definitely need 2 days or atleast a good 1 1/2 days to recover from a late night out. getting older is no fun :(

Lucy said...

So good! You looked amazing and it was so super to have you there. I miss you...see you in a couple of weeks Miss Megan. x