Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The San Francisco Style

SF is a stylish city, I mean come on, it is where all my fashion roots were formed and where I look forward to shopping more than anywhere else (uhhh the thrift stores are amazing). But sometimes I don't think it gets enough credit. It may not be a fashion metropolis that breeds designers like Paris or New York, but SF has it's own original style and gets by on an indie groove, a vintage vibe and a casual cool (yeah, uh huh) that I love so. Naturally, I was excited to stumble upon The SF Style, a blog that features the glorious fashionistas of the city by the Bay, Man Morsel Mondays and some amazing shoe shots. Here are some of my favorites:


Full Cup said...

oh, I am totally in love with San Francisco style! I visited last year and didn't want to leave. Everything seems more original and fresh there. Love the pictures!


Molly Jane

Ps. Stop by and say hello!:)


Chloe Mia said...

cute pictures San Fracisco looks like a good place to visit :)

Danielle said...

Girl in beret with wistful expression -- love it.