Monday, 22 November 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup: So Many Bars


All second-hand and thrift except American Apparel thigh-highs
All second-hand and thrift except H&M tights

Remember a bit ago when I said I didn't go out to the bars that much anymore, well I might just have made up for that in the past few days. My weekend started out in the dumps, well more like I started my weekend out in the dumps. Friday afternoon it was already dark and I was lonely, homesick and feeling sorry for myself. But after a few phone calls with loved ones back in the States and one phone call from my boyfriend in which he said get up, get dressed in something nice like you would if you were going out in NYC and come meet me, everything did a 180. I put on a little velvet dress I had yet to wear (I will have to give you a proper photo as it is pretty awesome up close), tall ankle boots (despite the cobblestones), my new leather jacket and some red lipstick and headed out the door. And the weekend actually turned out to be quite lovely indeed — full of Berlin bars and cafes, fun, food and friends. Just the way it should be.

It all went something like this: dressing up, salad and pasta at Zur Rose Café, Jay spinning at new bar Graues Kloster, apfelschorle, salad lunch on Bergmannstrasse, twin book purchase at used English bookstore Another Country, reading coffee and cake, Lucy meetup on Oranienstrasse, beers at Luzia, tacos at Santa Maria, mojito at Hannibal, back in Neukölln, birthday party at Ä Bar, late night downstairs Valentin Stüberl stop by, sleeping in, first snow, sushi lunch, Roald Dahl's Witches, Bored to Death.


Pop Champagne said...

lol and you say that you don't go out! haha. sounds like you had a lot of fun though. and thanks so much for the follow <3

Mystery Bruises said...

wow looks great!

Marcel said...

love your outfit!