Thursday, 23 October 2008

I'm So Excited

God, I really haven’t been this pumped about something in awhile, and it’s just a book! But admittedly I was completely obsessed with the whole JT Leroy/Savannah Knoop hoax a couple years ago, I think I read every article ever written about her/him. I mean rightfully so, Savannah was one of my childhood best friends and the first person I ever smoked pot with (oh the good old days), before she went off to boarding school and later began living her double-life as transgender "writer" and indie fave JT Leroy. We re-connected again in SF for a bit right before I moved to NYC and before the NY Times uncovered the whole deal, but obviously none of this ever came up. Anyway, now she has written a tell-all and I will finally get to know all the details. I should have had it delivered overnight, I just can’t wait.

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