Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Countdown to Barack: 15 Days

This ACORN nonsense is seriously unbelievable. Well that’s not true, the Republican Party pulls horrible stunts like these all the time (I mean, Sarah Palin?), especially when they feel the election slipping from their grasp. But this is just sad — they are trying to vilify an organization that’s main goal is to stop the suppressing of low income minority voters. But Obama has learned from past elections (Florida!) and was prepared for this. He is trying to put an end to these ridiculous investigations now, instead of after everyone goes to the polls. I mean, just think about how many votes would be lost if McCain succeeds. Anyway, these next two weeks are going to be so intense — the Republicans are not going to stop at anything to totally smear Barack and the evil liberals. God, aren’t you ready for this to just be over? I know am. In the mean time, watch this video: it gives a more clear idea of the whole ACORN situation. Sometimes all this ridiculousness can be a bit confusing.

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