Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Countdown to Barack: 35 Days

Barack Obama may or may not be elected president in 35 days. It is an exciting but oh so scary time and I suddenly feel the need to jump on the bandwagon and start documenting my life. Everything is going to change so soon, and now I can trace my own footsteps through this monumental time, and maybe some other people will too. So here we go...
I finally succumbed and watched Sarah’s mantra movie The Secret, and despite the weakness I feel for turning to self-help, hippie mumbo jumbo, I am believing it. I mean, I am from California. Please, I know what you’re thinking, but keep it to yourselves.
So anyway, my point is that it’s all about putting the good energy out there. Picturing what you want, and then receiving. So I am putting this picture of Barack out there, and believing he is going to come out on top and our world will begin to change for the better. And this is how we will start.


Sarah said...

We should all make visual boards with health care, a growing economy and a president we respect.

Sarah said...

Next up for you, Megan... AGAPE!