Thursday, 30 October 2008

Countdown to Barack: 6 Days

Sometimes I do wish I had cable — mainly because the lack of John Stewart in my life is creeping into my neck and shoulders and aging me faster than the bitter cold night air seeping through my windows. I miss his stutter and graying hair and I missed Barack Obama last night. But thanks to the Internet I was still able to take part in the fun, even though it is never quite as much at 11 in the morning rather than 11 at night. And nothing is ever as fun to watch if Sarah and Courtney aren't by my side.

I didn’t watch Barack’s infomercial either, even though I was home and my lack-of-cable would have allowed me at least that. I guess I am going to admit (somewhat) publically that I opted to tune in to America’s Next Top Model instead. It’s just getting to be too much. I am a VERY decided voter, and I am ready to cast my vote on Tuesday, and ready to start the actual first chapter in this great change. The anticipation is killing me. Come on already.

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