Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Countdown to Barack: 28 Days

I’m so tired today — I just had to talk to an IT person on the phone for 20 minutes and I think she may have thought that I have a little dash of Downs. I couldn’t find any of the things she was telling me to look for on my computer and I had to have her repeat everything at least twice. Poor lady. I really hope I don’t fall asleep during Yom Kippur services tonight. Such a sin.

Anyway, maybe it’s all this political uncertainty that’s making me sleepy. It couldn’t be anything else, right? So last night was the second presidential debate and it looks like Obama “won” again. But after the pure entertainment value of the Biden/Palin debate, honestly I did find it a bit boring. But I think Barack was at his best and gave more straightforward answers that actually outlined his plans than he has before. I did like the standing up, walking around, town hall style — it gave us such a clear view of McCain’s Frankenstein arms. They freak me out! I mean, look at that pic of him hugging that other guy with them.

Oh and Mary is really becoming the best little chef out there, thanks to a certain little something. Good times — HDTV, home-cooked meal, good wine, nice folks. Don’t you wish every night was debate night?

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