Friday, 17 October 2008

Countdown to Barack: 19 Days

This headline cracks me up. Palin's Staffers Keep Her Away From The News To Avoid Being "Depressed". I have no words for her anymore. But I did read this NY Mag article about her that was pretty interesting. Did you know that she pretty much turned her hometown into a strip mall? Lovely. Anyway, I am not talking about Palin anymore.

Last night I got a nice break from the seriousness of the debates and everything, but I still got my daily dose of Obama and McCain. My bro and I watched them roast each other at the annual black tie Al Smith Dinner in New York. They were actually both hilarious. It was kind of awesome. I will have to say that McCain has some pretty good comedic timing. He reminds me of my dad a little. Obama laughs at his own (or his writers) jokes — but totally pulled it off. It was a refreshing change of pace and actually eased the tension in my shoulders a bit to see all those guys in a room seriously cracking up and obviously having a good time. Hillary Clinton was in hysterics. Although it does bring up a bit of curiousness for me. I mean, in these people’s non-election year reality they pal around — they are all colleagues and totally respect each others’ intelligence. Maybe they even drink martinis together after work. So I just wonder if they think this whole deal — the debates, the swing states, the convincing average Americans who are obviously of less intelligence of why they should vote for them — is a bit of a joke. Maybe it’s just the cynic in me, but seeing them all together laughing and making fun of each other just makes me question the sincerity of this whole running for President thing. I have no idea if that even made any sense.

Anyway, watch them. They are funny.

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