Friday, 3 October 2008

Contdown to Barack: 33 Days

So the debate is over and Ms. Palin didn’t make a complete fool of herself and now she is on the cover of every paper I have seen this morning with ridiculous headlines like “No Baked Alaska.” What is wrong with our country? I seriously need to just have one day where I don’t see her face. Her smirk and weird mocha lipstick give me nightmares, gosh darn it you bet ya!

So I was thinking as I watched last night that maybe her advisors had her purposely seem like an idiot in the Katie Couric interview, so there was no where to go but up for the debate? I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if it was all a part of their master plan. I mean how can someone really not name a single news publication?

But anyway, last night actually answers that what is wrong with our country question. We like dumb asses. Although Palin has no idea what she is talking about and never actually answers any questions, people somehow get her gobbledygook because she uses phrases like “Joe Six Pack.” Biden is obviously well-informed and intelligent, but people don’t get what he is saying because he uses phrases like “moral turpitude.”

Luckily just because she didn’t choke like everyone thought she was going to, doesn’t mean she came out ahead. Most people are saying that Biden was better, well except for all those trashy dailies. “Pittbull Sarah battles Biden and even takes a few chomps out of him.” Ha. And did you know that the ratings were 33% above the first Obama/McCain debate. I bet that’s never happened before.

On another note, my new record player came today and I am very excited.

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