Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Countdown to Barack: 8 Days

This is such a good time for journalism — there is so much interesting stuff to read out there and obviously to report on. This Slate article shows an interesting side of the election from a journalists point of view. It almost (I said almost) parallels the SNL cast — as in, of course they are a bunch of New York liberals who want Obama to win, but McCain and Palin are certainly a lot easier to make fun of. Less pressure.

Anyway, it all makes me think about grad school again (it happens about twice a year), with the hope of maybe someday becoming one of those writers. But you know, I just don’t have the 60K it costs to go to Columbia journalism school — and that’s for one year! And who knows if I would even get in. But maybe an Obama win would somehow cut those costs. Although I am sure helping middle class journalists with grad school tuition will go straight to the bottom of a long, long, long list. Obama is going into this presidency (hopefully), with an absolutely huge hole to work his and the country's way out of. Here is another piece of journalism from New York Mag that addresses what is ahead for Obama in a much more eloquent way than saying he’s got a big ole’ hole to dig out of. See, this is why I need to go to Grad School.

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