Monday, 13 October 2008

Countdown to Barack: 23 Days

I have been neglecting my little blog for the last couple of days because CosmoGirl folded on Friday morning. I luckily still have a job (yay the internet!) but I still spent my weekend smoking too many cigarettes, watching the same movie over and over again, and recovering from a day of heavy drinking with my now jobless co-workers instead of updating my latest thoughts on Obama/McCain. It’s a sad sad situation this economy and I will admit that I naively thought it wouldn’t directly affect me — until Friday when the president of the Hearst Corporation walked into our packed conference room with the tear-inducing news. And although it might be hard for some people in my life to grasp, I really did believe in this magazine. But we will see what happens — I will admit that part of me is excited for this change and hopes that it will be a catalyst to an even greater change in the rest of my life.

Anyway, if the news hadn’t of broken Friday morning, the blog I would have posted would have gone something like this: So last night was our Working Class Mag party and although none of the girls showed, I had a great time dressing up, enjoying the weirdly warm October weather, and chatting up some strangers. I tried for a bit to not to talk about the election — I just want it to be done with — but that pesky Palin just slipped in and the flood gates opened. But it was okay, I ended up hearing a little goose bump inducing (much better than tears) story that made my night. So, I was chatting with this guy originally from Dallas about the first time his little old grandma saw Barack Obama. When I think Grandma and Texas, Republican just comes to mind. But maybe I shouldn’t be so judgmental. Anyway, after Barack gave the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic Convention, this guy got a phone call from his grandma and she said to him, “Honey, I just saw the first Black President speak.”