Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Countdown to Barack: 29 Days

I am definitely not a religious person by any means — despite the fact that I am falling for The Secret (that’s just spirituality, right?) and I will be attending Yom Kippur services (with my dad) and will be fasting (pure vanity) this week. Well, maybe I am just a religious person who does not believe in organized religion. Anyway, there is a point to this. My mother sent me an article (that’s how we role now) written by a born-again Christian writer a few weeks ago about this whole election deal and that lady that keeps on talking about Joe Six-Pack and Hockey Moms, and I really agree with what she wrote. I mean she is my kind of Christian: reformed, from San Francisco, liberal, activist etc. But still it was nice to read and even a bit inspiring.

Check it out and I will go back to eating my salmon sashimi. By the way, my sushi addiction is definitely getting a bit out of hand. You know you have a problem when you spend the last bit of money in your bank account on an over-priced luxury, for lunch. I must be an elitist.

P.S. I was watching Leonardo Di Caprio on some red carpet interview thing and he was being asked about his recent statements saying he’s ready to be a dad. One of those ET ladies then asked, will you be a dad that goes to soccer games and all that and he said, “Well, I certainly won’t be a hockey mom.” I like when celebs actually talk some shit, made me laugh.

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