Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Living Vicariously Through...

...Other blogger's girl crushes. So, I am at a crossroads here with big decisions to be made. I have grown out my bangs and have been enjoying rocking the middle part hippie look for awhile now, but I think I am in need of a change. I may want that fringe back — the big thick straight across kind, oh yeah. But I am not completely convinced. Oh what to do? Life is hard with so many serious decisions to be made. '

But where does this living vicariously mumbo jumbo come in you ask? Well it's girls like Twin's crush singer-songwriter Diane Burch that make me want to chop 'em and girls like Garance Dore's crush, editor of fashion mag Rush Stevie Dance, that make me want to keep them as is. Whose lead should I follow? What should I do?

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