Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Berlin Weekend Roundup

So when I bid you adieu last Friday I predicted I would have a fabulous weekend, and with someone like Julia coming to town I knew there was no way I could jinx that. But how was I to know that I would fall so hard for her friends Manny (who lives in Berlin!) and Stuart, two Brits who couldn't have been more sweet and more freaking hilarious. Each of them continuously cracked me up in his own totally opposite way. I think all the weight I could have gained from delicious food and German beer was burnt off from laughter alone. I couldn't think of a better group to have frolicked around the city with for two and half totally fun-filled days. Then just as I sent them off on a bus to the airport, it was time to see another friend from New York's band play the final show of their European tour here in Berlin. Needless to say it was another long debaucherous evening, but thankfully Karsten didn't have to work on Monday so he joined in on the fun and we got to lay in bed and recover from it all together the next day. Still think I need a few more days to recover yet still. And despite all the excitement I did not take many photos (I left that to the two first time Berliners), but this will give you a better idea.

It all went something like this: Julia and Stu airport pickup, stroll through Neukölln and Görlitzer Park, four person photo booth, Oberbaumbrucke sunset, East Side Gallery, delicious street pizza, beers outside, Soho House Berlin, bar meetup, club in basement, redbull!, dark late night club with no cameras, early morning light, cheese plate fresh oj brunch, window shopping, Holocaust Memorial, laying on top of each other in the park, Goth outfit, Richard's birthday champagne, Richard's fabulous birthday dinner, Konrad Tönz, late night walk, late night chat, brunch by the river, bike riding, Badeschiff big bench photos, afternoon beer and bratworst at Berghain, sad farewell, bike ride, Atlantic/Pacific show, NYC friends and Berlin friends night out, early morning again, lazy bed Monday.

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